Songkran in Chiang Mai

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Edit: I have looked back on my fashion sense during this period of my life behind my hands and all I can do is apologise and promise that after shopping with gay and Italian men, that I’m much better now. 😛

I receive quite a lot of emails nowadays from starry-eyed traveller wannabe’s, asking me where the ‘best’ place is, to go and get away from the daily grind. I’m usually a little disappointed that I can’t help them (yet) because since I left English shores, it’s been more work than play. However after last week, my outlook on the question has changed tenfold.

I’m not sure where the ‘best’ place is, or if it truly exists – the beauty certainly is in the eye of the beholder. My answer now to such people wanting to escape the 9-5, taking mind-numbing trips to Tesco with the highlight of their week being a 2-for-1 deal on ‘Golden Grahams’ would be without a doubt:

Go and celebrate the ‘Sonkgran’ festival in Chiang Mai

Songkran is the official Thai New Year….it’s also a national water fight.


A NATIONAL WATER FIGHT! They say ‘boys don’t grow up – they just get taller’, and I couldn’t agree any more.

Big kids!

Songkran is the perfect excuse for reliving your childhood, living in the moment and collecting them feel-good vibrations that we humans crave. I’m not sure I can do it justice by words on a blog, but I can only try. Imagine going out in your street right now and everywhere you turn you are met with buckets of water (sometimes ice water) being thrown over your body, an abundance of kids with water pistols running by and shooting you with a delightfully mischievous “hehe!” There is literally water coming from everywhere, so make sure you are wearing good enough water-war shoes!

Envisage a traffic jam for 4 days, with people dancing on top of their cars and pockets of your city with foam parties on make-do stages…Imagine walking past a police officer and getting drenched from her and her Super Soaker 5000! That’s the experience that James from Nomadic Notes had. Don’t worry, James – I got her back good!

Songkran Chiang Mai - water fight

Chiang Mai’s Songkran festival is notoriously longer than other cities in Thailand (four days instead of two). And the beauty of it – the city has a bed of moat that the city is built around, meaning refills are quick and easy so that you can be back in battle in an instance. See the photo’s below to look at the revenge attack by a little girl, who has now been christened ‘The Songkran Ninja.’

I ambushed this cutie-pie with my most impressive stealth skills and got her good with my Super Soaker…

Happy in my battle victory, I paused for a pose with Ian from Where Sidewalks End – check out the karma attack by my opposing soldier…

Songkran Chiang Mai - waterfight revenge

The highlight of my four days was swimming in the moat with these cute but ruthless kids, who we trained to be elite Songkran soldiers with our guns – who then turned on their mentors!

Ian taught his soldier to shoot men in the crotch, I taught mine to swim under water and have the barrel pointing out – so he could kill and not be killed. Our recruits revolution for their own army and dominance was reminiscent of ‘The Terminator’ movies, as our own creations became more intelligent and waged a spine-chilling war for freedom of the army – leaving James, Ian and myself completely unarmed.

Songkran Chiang Mai - Playing with kids in the moat

Songkran Chiang Mai - child in the moat

I’m finding out that travel isn’t just about taking snaps of The Eiffel Tower and country collecting – it’s about them special moments that give you goose pimples and make your life that little more gorgeous.

Anyway, enough about me and my new-found hippy serenity, let’s touch on some Songkran etiquette. Do you want to be a part of this next year? Fancy reliving that childhood? Here’s my take on how to have the greatest Songkran experience:

Songkran Etiquette For Dummies

Buy your weapons early

Songkran Chiang Mai - 3 girls

Oh how they laughed at me, when I enthusiastically bought my gun two weeks before Songkran. And oh how I laughed harder, when their last-minute crappy weapons malfunctioned or didn’t suffice! I went through two guns until I found my baby – you’re in a free-for-all water fight for four days. Make sure you have the best arsenal at your disposal!

Book Early

Duh! Songkran is the biggest Thai festival and Chiang Mai is the most popular city for the event. Book your accommodation and flights as early as possible. The sooner you book the more likely as well that you’ll get cheap tickets.

Use Your Intuition

Some people are on their way to work and really don’t want to get wet. Use your intuition, and you’ll see who is not up for it – even though they are hard to find. Don’t squirt people on a motorbike with babies, don’t attack Monks (they are totally off limits) and don’t face-shot when in close proximity. This is supposed to be fun, be wise.

Don’t go to Songkran and complain when someone squirts you

I saw so many princess type girls do this. What did they expect?!

Respect the meaning

Songkran Chiang Mai - Songkran wedding

Songkran Chiang Mai - traditional Thai dress

To you it might be a water-fight – to the Thais it symbolises the cleansing of bad karma from the past and moving on to the next chapter in a positive light. You don’t have to be Thai to appreciate that, but don’t forget it and make sure you’re not trigger happy when the traditional ceremonies take place.

Songkran Chiang Mai - buckets of moat water

Only take waterproof cameras

Which is why I left my Sony Cybershot at home 🙁 All photos here accredited to James from Nomadic Notes. Cheers, mate!

One set of clothing

It’s a bit minging to wear dirty-watered clothes for four days, but there really isn’t any point in wearing anything else as you can’t go anywhere without getting soaked. Undress as soon as you return home, blast your battle clothes with fresh water and leave them to hang in the blistering sun.

Kindness is a boomerang

Songkran Chiang Mai - refilling water gun

Help out a stranger who is less mobile than you and refill their gun, before refiling yours. I can 100% guarantee that this kind gesture will be repaid around this city.

Soak up every minute (pun shamelessly intended)

Songkran Chiang Mai - car dancing

James makes an excellent point, that the day after Songkran – he wandered the streets wondering if it was all a dream. I get that, I really get that. Make sure you live in the moment and soak up every bit of this crazy festival.

Final Thoughts

Songkran Chiang Mai - child gunner

Songkran Chiang Mai - Girl with Minnie Mouse gun

Would I go again? Yes, in a heartbeat but I hear it clashes with India’s festival of colours so I’m not so sure I’ll make it next year. I’m deciding to take a break from my projects and am moving on from Chiang Mai at the end of the month, as it was becoming boring and my wanderlust (and cabin fever) have been crazy-intense lately.

Songkran was the perfect send-off to me and let me tell you – I’m pretty hard to please. I’m the kind of person who has huge expectations that are hard to be matched, as my imagination is always better than the reality.

Songkran ticked all the boxes and even made its own boxes. It surpassed my imagination on a grand scale and I feel so lucky that I was part of it. If you’re considering a visit next year, my advice – book the ticket now. I really doubt you’ll regret it.

Have you ever experienced a Songkran festival? 

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  1. Gaelle Reply

    Hehe, I told you :p
    (no other comments needed)

    1. Anthony Reply

      You’re taking credit for Songkran? 😛

  2. paul | walkflypinoy Reply

    very nice read! summed up all there is to know about songkran. including, of course, its very sober religious significance. i experienced songrkan 2012 in chiang mai myself. and i loved the water fights with the neighborhood kids, most especially. the street parties and the driving around on the back of a pick-up truck was just secondary. cheers.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Paul,

      Thank you. Yep there were many ‘no alocohol’ signs up, but they were pretty much ignored! I’m glad you were hear this year and that you enjoyed yourself 🙂

  3. hayadeen Reply

    i really enjoy this piece of writing. So beautiful!

    and I agree with your point on the beautiful things around us that we just didn’t notice. Have you watched a video about a master violinist gets ignored by passer-by just because people thought he was just another broke street performer? i recommend you to watch it because it is soooo amazing..

    about the songkran festival, i remember few people tweeted about it before the festival begins and I was wondering how ‘fun’ it is. You know..with Malaysian weather now, which is raining everyday, the last thing i thought would be fun is getting wet on the street..hehehe.

    Obviously, i was wrong. Minus the storm, lightning and gloomy sky, getting fired by water guns from strangers on the street is something i will surely enjoy 🙂

    1. Anthony Reply

      Why thank you, Hayadeen!

      I have not seen the video that you are referring to, but I have seen the photo and story on Facebook. Haha no that doesn’t sound too fun. I’m going back to Malaysia in just over a week – to Borneo! 🙂

      You should check out Songkran, should you get the opportunity to!

  4. lauren Reply

    looks so fun! love all the pictures. glad it exceeded your expectations – mr. hard to please!

    cheers – lola

    1. Anthony Reply

      It was amaaaaaaaaaazing 🙂

  5. JoJo Reply

    Amazing read and photos. Sounds spectacular.

    Having been fortunate enough to know you for so long, and share many movie watching experiences, i appreciate how hard you are to please! Glad you got to experience it 🙂

    If and when we do get any nice weather here my lot love a good water fight, which generally involves me getting soaked with a hose, so to multiply that to the extent you had and with such a purpose must be incredible!

    Hugs jx

    P.S – I love the intent on the face of your karma soldier attacker, she’s got skills !!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey JoJo

      Haha yep, and the experience bettered my expectations. She’s a tinker! 🙂


  6. Dave Reply

    Nice one Ant, not got to the text yet, just enjoying the pics.

    1. Anthony Reply

      They’re pretty awesome pics, jealous I didn’t snap them!

  7. Ayngelina Reply

    It kinda sounds like Carnaval in South America, although maybe less intense?

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Ayng,

      I hope I’ll get to find out! Plan to be there for the world cup, or maybe sooner 🙂

  8. Kieu ~ GQ trippin Reply

    You were there too?!! Ahh man, we missed a few faces. Looks like you guys had a blast. Wished we could have had a massive tweet up over fruit shakes. Sawadee pi mai. Great pics, btw. 🙂

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Kieu,

      Ah maaaaaaaaan, bummer! Where are you off to next? I’m heading to Borneo next week 🙂

  9. Adrian Collins Reply

    Sounds like an experience is to be had, most try to get to one of them some day! As I believe in bringing out my Inner Child as much as possible, I’d have a complete field day at Songkran!

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention! 😀

    1. Anthony Reply

      Ah mate,

      I still can’t believe that I experienced it. It’s a MUST!!!

  10. Scott Reply

    Sadly, this was “penciled” in for us, but just kind of got erased as our travel plans evolved. Sure looks like you had enough fun for us though!

  11. Callie Reply

    A guide to Songkran – brilliant! This looks SO fun, I’m hoping to go next year!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Callie,

      It was the BEST!! I Highly recommend it 🙂

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  13. Toni Reply

    i was there during the same Songkran, was amazing…5 days non stop Songkran!

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  15. Michael Reply

    Looks like a heap of fun. My inner child is on display most of the time, so I would have a great time!

    Unfortunately we are visiting middle of next year, so looks like we will miss out :p

    1. Anthony Middleton Reply

      Unlucky, Michael!

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  20. Patryk Reply

    Songkran in Chiang Mai is the best time in Thailand 🙂