Plastic Surgery in Thailand, a Cancer Scare, Broke and an Untimely Erection

Why the hell are you still in Chiang Mai” was the question asked by many ardent travellers. That’s a fair inquiry. I see travellers come and go here all the time, none of them stay longer than two weeks max and when asked this question – I was approaching the four months mark.

Why aren’t you writing any posts?Where the hell are you? My online absence was bound to get friends and family wondering why. Why the silence? Why go on an epic, indefinite around the world journey, only to drop off the radar and not provide any magical content to my blog. My current obsession. My baby. Why, oh why?

What did ‘happen’ proved to be one of the most emotionally draining and self-defining moments of my life to date. Sit tightly, go grab your favourite beverage and I’ll tell you the story of one man’s battle against himself, the odds…and a spontaneous boner!

Langkawi wasn’t what I expected, nor needed. It was no where near as cheap as my friend made out, I was losing money fast and advertisers seemed extinct over the Christmas period and internet connection on the island was frustratingly crap. I had a lot of negative things on my mind and like most people from my nation – I tried to drink my problems away. I was living on a duty-free island and I literally got hammered every night, forging shallow relationships that weren’t remembered in the morning. More importantly – I just wasn’t happy. Far from it – I was lost and didn’t like the person I was becoming.

One hungover morning, I decided to take ‘the mirror test’. I invented it a couple of months beforehand and it proved to be golden. Basically, I make piercing eye contact with myself in the mirror and honestly ask – the man staring back at me; do I like him? Would I like him as a friend? Is he a man of integrity, a man of his word? Does his actions meet his beliefs and values? Is there more he could be doing to make life better? Is he living the life he wants?

There’s no bullshit involved when you take the mirror test and the hypothesis was bleak; I hated the man staring back at me. He was throwing away his golden ticket that he’d worked so hard to get and even worse – he felt sorry for himself and was taking no action.

Enought” I thought. I looked back at the man in the mirror and I decided that this was my Rocky Balboa moment. My very own Phoenix from the flames. The twinkle in the eye returned, I meant business. And so, I announced from a duty-free island; Six Months of Abstinence from alcohol. I then concluded that I needed to get the hell out of Langkawi, move to a cheaper place and somehow (completely unknown to myself) find a way of making money.

After talking to Kirsty and Poi about a place in Thailand where you can pick up apartments for £120 per month – my mind was made up and before you knew it, I became a Chiang Mai resident. Fast forward to Christmas day and a weird lump started forming on the inside of my bottom lip. I ignored it – until New Years Eve – where the lump doubled in size.

I was SO self-conscious, but still went out and decided to go straight to the Doctors in the morning. The Doctor took one look at it and then pulled out a scalpel. “you’re taking it off, now” I asked, trying not to sound too wimpy. “Yes” he casually replied, “might hurt a bit.” Doc then hovered over me with a wet snot dangling out of his nose, I thought “I hope to God he wipes his nose” – nope! Snotted on my cheek while he cut off my ugly lump, blood squirting all over. I’ve never felt sexier.

As weird and painful as all that was, I felt incredibly relieved. That was until 10 days later, when the lump returned even bigger than the last time. What the actual f**k? I didn’t waste any time and went to A and E – which turned out to be a good move. After keeping the Doctor up to date with the chronology of events, he sat me down and softly told me that the GP made an error and that I should have been referred to him – he was a plastic surgeon!

I asked a million questions, but he told me he couldn’t tell me anything until he’d removed my lump and studied it. The one question he answered was about permanent damage. I asked if there could be any to my lip and he said the chances were probable. My heart sank. I’m not known for having rippling biceps, rarely buttered up for any come-to-bed eyes. But one thing that female of the species have consistently complimented me on – is my lips. And here I was, being told that my weapons of mass seduction (baahahaha) were about to be potentially ruined in the morning. Bad times.

I didn’t sleep a wink that night. I never envisaged that I’d ever have, or need plastic surgery in my lifetime and didn’t know what to expect.

So there I was, in my hospital gown and cap and lying on the operating bed, desperately seeking a distraction. My first observation of Thai hospitals being the fact that the nurses outfits are way sexier than British nurses ensemble. They hug the body tight and have buttons going up the side of the dress, nice. I thought I was in a real life FHM magazine at one point. The doctor shot something cold into my veins and the last thing I remember is him asking me if I was related to the Princess (my surname is Middleton) and I drifted out of consciousness…

…I woke up, staring at the ceiling – feeling dopey, confused, in pain and extremely giggly. I sat up and the nurse asked me if I was ok. I asked her how long I’d been there, she told me I’d been sleeping three hours and I replied by bursting out laughing in her face. She kept asking me if I was ok and informing me that I really should lie down for one more hour.

I proceeded to stubbornly ignore her, sit back up in a fit of uncontrollable laughter. My lip ached every time I laughed, but whatever I was given to put me to sleep made me extremely giddy. “I’m fine” I announced and told her and her fellow nursing staff that I wanted to stand up and go home. I persisted and they finally agreed.

But I had ummmm…a problem. What happens to a man when he first wakes up? Any women who has had the pleasure of being ‘little spoon’ and waking up beside our fine creatures, will know only too well what I’m talking about. Yup, I had morning glory – loud and proud and it wasn’t going anywhere, but up. I don’t get embarrassed, but I thought I’d spare the lady’s blushes and not show off my angry manhood. However, it was too late and one nurse pulled back my blanket and sat me up. She did a terrible job at hiding her awkwardness with her ‘finding’ but then told me I should maybe lie down until I felt “better.”

Good skills.

One hour later and my uninvited friend had calmed himself down and the Doc came to give me a briefing of the operation. First he told me, with a smile on his face about my behaviour during anaesthetic. Apparently, during surgery I:

. Hummed the Thai national anthem.

. Excitedly commentated on football and shouted “gooooooooooal” three times. Newcastle had thrashed Manchester United 3-0 the day before, so that made perfect sense.

. Told the two female nurses that they should fight to the death, for my phone number.

. Giggled as they cut into my mouth.

I have literally no recollection of any of this. Doc then showed me my face in the mirror, my lip was pretty messed up and to say I was worried would be an understatement. My anxiety grew even more when he told me he’ll see me next week for my second operation. Second? Huh? Things got a little lost in translation, but apparently there was another lump beside by first lump and it would take a more complex operation to remove.

Not amused.

The hospital escort helped my wobbly self to the cashier and I had to pay a whopping £700! ($1100). It would have cost loads more in the UK for such an operation, but my hemorrhaging bank funds had me anxious. I couldn’t afford the second operation and so I discussed this with the very helpful staff, the outcome being if I wanted a cheaper operation the second time around – I’d have to go under the knife without being put to sleep.

I had no other option, and paid for my 2nd operation of plastic surgery. Fast forward a week later and I’m lying on the same hospital bed, with a numb mouth and a mask over my face with a peep-hole. My mouth clamped open, watching the Doc and nurses cut into my mouth, fearing for my vanity. It was about as comfortable as it sounds. I thought of my beloved cousin who went through multiple brain cancer operations and staunchly kept telling myself to man the f**k up and suck it in.

But then, the mood of the room changed. I may not be fluent in Thai, but I am intuitive enough and I noticed that the Doctor and his staff had found something in my mouth that made them concerned. Of course, I couldn’t ask anything as my gob was clamped open, so I had to wait until they were done – 90 minutes of agonising waiting.

When I got all cleaned up, the Doctor asked me to follow him into his room. Ever since I met him, he acted in a jovial and mischievous way – but he looked very serious and it worried me. He sat me down and said, “You have a tumour that has been growing in your mouth, we have to wait and see if it will grow back, or not.” Everything seemed to slow down around me and I couldn’t find anything intelligent enough to say, other than; “can I see it?”

*I even considered putting photos on here of the actual lump on my mouth that was removed, but figured it lacked class*

Sounds insane, but I was so curious. Doc obliged and showed me – it was about half the size of a squash ball and I couldn’t believe it had been in my mouth for so long, no wonder I was in so much pain. I then asked “what kind of tumour is it?” The Doctor told me that he wouldn’t know until the biopsy had taken place in nine days and told me to return then to; “see if I had the mouth cancer.” Not the greatest bedside manners, but I think it was just a translation thing.

I walked home trying to decipher all of the recent information, while trying to work out my emotions. Was I sad? Scared? Not at all, but I think I was in a complete state of shock. The following nights I didn’t sleep at all and it all crept upon me out of nowhere. Something I thought that I never was and have been proud of not being – needy. Mr independent, I’m the king of my own world, new explorer-extraordinaire was stripped down to the bare bones of humanity – and all I wanted was a hug.

This was the first time I felt lonely on the road. There’s something to be said about a proper hug and when I have problems back at home, I can deal with them but a cuddle from a loved one does go a long way. It’s not sexual when pets like to be petted. Dogs and cats need affection, to know they are loved and supported – humans are no different.

Mr Needy told a select few friends about the situation, but refrained from telling too many loved ones back home, at first. I carried on outside of my place with my best poker face, I made people laugh in groups, I made out everything was fine and that my life was a beautiful musical and every time I returned to my bedroom, I dropped the mask and felt completely miserable, drained and broken (and so needy).

After reluctantly coming clean to my Mother on Skype, I checked my bank account and saw thar I had only $229 left in the bank and I also hadn’t made any money in months (I also have no return ticket). I looked in the mirror at my mangled lips and sorry eyes and decided I fancied another Rocky Balboa moment. I had an idea that I had flirted with in my head for a few weeks, with regards to how to make a lot of cash and decided that I would move mountains and stay up for 2-3 days solid until the ball was rolling. I went downstairs and handed my landlady $200 for one more months rent; leaving only $29 to my name.

I stayed up for the next 72 hours, hustling and emailing the living hell out of people with my new idea (no, I’m not telling you what it was mwahaha). Every time I stopped – I felt needy and sad. So I just ploughed into my work for a distraction and by the end of the week – I made $5k! I had never even cracked a grand in a month of online income before that. A Rocky Balboa moment indeed!  But I still wasn’t completely happy. What’s the point in having money, if you don’t have health and happiness?

Judgement day came and I sat in the Doctors waiting room, waiting for the results of the biopsy. My name got called out and my hands were sweating. I had an awful feeling in my stomach which was probably acid, as I had barely eaten since my negative state of mind. Also, it hurt to open my mouth, I just lived on chocolate and sipped tea from a straw!

As I entered, Doc was smiling and joking which I knew was a great sign. He told me that everything was ok, I did not have mouth cancer and that my freakish tumour was the biggest he’d seen in a mouth in 25 years of practicing medicine. I could have kissed him. The relief was so beautiful that I felt like crying, but I didn’t want to make it weird. It could have happened anywhere in the world at any time, but I just so happened to get a tumour when I left for my round the world adventure!

Me and Doc exchanged emails as he told me he wants a photo of me doing the world’s biggest bungee jump in Macau. However, I was put under strict orders to stay in Chiang Mai until he is happy with my healing, which is now 100%. You can’t even tell I’ve had an operation on my lip – those guys at Chiang Mai RAM Hospital are amazing, the hospital is clean and of course the Thai smiles come as part of the package.

My appetite returned instantly and I stopped by the hospital restaurant for a celebratory meal. Life seemed a lot more colourful and I started noticing the charms that I had ignored in my misery. As I stood up, a girl chose the seat opposite me. Her eyes were grey with a hint of green, which suited her fair complexion perfectly. She had the potential to be so beautiful if she smiled, but she was obviously hurting on an emotional level.

Are you ok” I asked, just assuming she spoke English. She replied in an Australian accent and told me that she is travelling with her Father who has heart problems and he’d had some kind of attack today. He was stable, but she was worried, rightly so. A tear ran down her cheek as she explained how she couldn’t get in touch with her Mam back home and what was supposed to be a Father/Daughter bonding, had turned into an emotional nightmare. There’s nothing I could say to make her worries lessen and without thinking, I asked; would you like a hug?”

Without even a hint of delay, she replied “yes, I would love one actually. Thank you” And there it was – the almighty hug in all of its glory. You can read all of the positive quotes in the world, but nothing says “you are not alone” like a proper cuddle! Humans thrive on touch and often suffer without it. A hug can break down barriers that no words can.

I just wanted to share this crazy moment in my life. One that I felt stripped me from all of the bulls**t and asked me to reveal myself as the person I am and asked me to grow against the odds. I’m leaving here in one week and onto the next chapter. Chiang Mai will always be special to me – for the weirdest of reasons.

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  1. Jerick Reply

    Man, I started to cry (man-ly cry,the onewithout tears) as I was going through your post. It’s very difficult to have these kind of moments when you’re far away from home – but happy to see that the scare is over.

    Thanks for sharing it and glad to know all has gone better.

    here’s a mighty fist-bump all the way from Brussels! BAM!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Jerick,

      Haha I don’t doubt for one second that you cried the Jason Statham of teardrops! Thank you fro reading, and you MUST try Belgian chocolate!!! BAM!

  2. EurotripTips Reply

    Wow – great story Anthony. You’ve got some storytelling skillz 😉 Despite the tragic events at first, I’m glad everything turned out to be ok! It must have been really stressful.

    There are many lingering questions though – how exactly did you get that lump, how on EARTH did you make $5K in a month, and have you seen the girl since? Very important questions. 😛

    1. Anthony Reply

      Why thank you! Oh yes, it wasn’t much fun at the time!

      Haha I may keep the first question to myself 😛 Me and the girl exchanged numbers and kept in touch, her Dad is on the mend 🙂

  3. Gemma Reply

    Wow, I knew you were going through some stuff but reading this post really shows how much you have home through. You are so much stronger than me. I would have been a wreck and probably had a nervous breakdown! Hope your new travel plans are exciting, can’t wait to read more about your adventures love you xxxx

    1. Anthony Reply

      Cheers Gem,

      It’s hard to predict how one would react in such shitty circumstances though! Love ya too, petal 🙂 xxxx

  4. Mirella Reply

    Wow, just wow. What a baptism of fire, and talk about a testing your courage and resolve to see this new way of life through. A truly amazing situation you found yourself in, and I can’t imagine how much it has all taught you about yourself and where you’re going.

    I agree with Gemma, I don’t see this sort of strength in myself at all, and a nervous breakdown would have been on the cards. I’m so glad to hear it all turned out well in the end though. It’s really, really odd, because just this morning I was thinking about you and how I haven’t heard much from you for ages and was wondering whether you were changing directions with all this. Odd.

    Within these trials you’ve also found something for all of us to take away from it, so thank you 🙂 You’re so right about physical contact – it had me thinking about our neighbour’s cat who doesn’t get much attention from them I don’t think and comes to visit me every day for a good scratch and a bit of a cuddle.

    And for those of us women sitting hear reading this alone, thank you for posting not one but two pics of the man with the most amazing bedroom eyes on the planet – Johnny Depp. Almost as good as a hug 🙂

    1. Anthony Reply

      Howdee Mirella 🙂

      You never know, you might have Rocky Balboaed the shit out of it, too! Haha no, no – I’m afraid you’ve not gotten rid of me just yet 😛 I’m here for a while longer!

      It’s so right! Hug the hell out of that cat (but not too tight) and you’re welcome for Mr Depp’s photos….hell….even I’d tap that!

  5. D.J. - The World of Deej Reply

    Man what a roller coaster of a story…glad in the end it all worked out OK, and that you still have your seduction tools:)

    1. Anthony Reply

      Cheers Deej,

      Oh it’ll take more than a lumpy lip to keep these flirty spirits down! 😉

  6. Joseph Reply

    A great and personal story. Whenever I read such stories, I’m always reminded that travelers are also human (despite us, living at home regarding them as superheroes). Being a doctor (sort of 🙂 ) I can somehow understand the anguish people feel when handed the bad news (had my share of that as well when I was announced I had a cyst on my spleen of about 5 cm in diameter). Glad that everything turned out for the best, and you giving that girl a hug was just about the most perfect gesture.
    It’s true, we often feel indestructible, but when it rains, it pours, and it’s a pretty hardcore reminder that we are, in fact, vulnerable. And that’s when the hugs come in. And when there are no hugs, you suck it up, pick up the pieces, move on, and look for that hug 🙂

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Joseph,

      Ouch, did you manage to get better? Sounds really painful. You put it perfectly there, mate. Hugs are awesome, but when they aren’t there – it’s war! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      1. Joseph Reply

        I’ll be stopping by quite often so expect my comments 😉
        As far as the cyst story goes, in the end I had to undergo surgery (they feared it was an infectious cyst and if it broke it would have been life threatening), so now I have a roughly 23 cm cut across my belly which I affectionately call my “body zipper”…but if people ask, I just tell them I was stabbed (it sounds way cooler than having a cyst removed :)) )

  7. Robert @ Another Traveler Reply

    Great story Anthony. I’m glad everything worked out at the end. Must of been tough going through all of that by yourself. Everyone can use a hug every now and then.



    1. Anthony Reply

      Hi Robert,
      Here, here! Cheers 🙂

  8. Missy Reply

    You forgot the mention the underwear mix up, as well as losing a sock 😉

    You are one he’ll of an admirable human being, and for this is I love you in the most plantonic sort of way 😉

    One would even go as far to say as that I MIT consider you a role model. Xo

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Missy,

      I should hope so! 😉 Hahaha the sock losing was easy the most traumatic incident in the whole affair….and my underwear getting mixed in the laundry.

  9. Christine Reply

    That was the most full-on lunch date I’d ever had with someone I just met–mostly SO GLAD to hear you’re doing better 🙂

    1. Anthony Reply


      You loved it, Christine. LOVED IT!! Thank you 🙂

  10. Kim Reply

    Wow, wow, wow. How terrifying. I’m so glad it was nothing more than a big lump. Big hugs to you from across the world.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Thank you Kim, big hug back 🙂

  11. Adrian Collins Reply

    Oh wow, than all pretty damn intense, glad you made it through to the other side in ( mostly ) one piece. 😉

    Good Luck with the rest of your travels, I think you deserve it all the best from here on out.

    *virtual high five*

    1. Anthony Reply

      High 5 back at you Adrian! Thanks, I’m looking forward to it 🙂

  12. Erin Reply

    I feel bad all of that was going on while we were in Chiang Mai and we didn’t know. I can only imagine how awful it must be to go through something like that as a solo traveller. Crazy story though and so glad that you are OK now.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Erin,

      It’s ok, I couldn’t really put that on anyone. Great we finally all met though and it’s a happy ending. Hope Burma is all kinds of awesome for you 🙂

  13. macca Reply

    An absolutley cracking read mate, I knew you would do this ‘episode’ of your journey justice if you put it down in writing. You have mate & in abundance. I wanted nothing more then to give you that hug when you told me about it all… obviously a hetro-man-hug with no tears or kissing (not like the one we had when you left on your travels.)

    Love you mate, enjoy the next stage of your journey.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Mac,

      Thanks man, I think if we have hugged in Sherburn Road – there isn’t a place in the world here we daren’t share an embrace of public man-love. Love you too, buddy. Give your lovely ladies a kiss from me xxx

  14. Lauren, Ephemerratic Reply

    Thank you for sharing this story. Instant fan.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Thanks for reading, Lauren 🙂

  15. Jo Reply

    Great read sweetie…. But to be honest you had me at the photo and title !!

    Have never been so relieved when you got the all clear or wanted to give you a hug more, to go through that anywhere must be soul destroying but away from family and friends, the language barrier and dwindling finances do not aid the process.

    Bravo for he comeback and ontinued motivation, Enjoy the next stage of your journey and hope to get to see you sometime soon. Hugs Jx

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Jo,

      Haha the title never failed to reel em in 😉 I reckon the erection did it for Macca though 😛

      Hugs back 🙂


  16. Ayngelina Reply

    Wow. That must have been so hard to go through. I’ve had some hard times on the road but never even close to this. What a journey for you.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Ayngelina,

      Oh it was a bit of a bitch! I hope you continue to NOT have such moments 🙂

  17. Waegook Tom Reply

    Waitwaitwaitwaitwait – $5k in a WEEK? Nice work, Mr Middleton!

    Glad everything worked OK in the end – get some more of these blog posts up, young whippersnapper! Also happy to know that your weapons of mass seduction weren’t completely annihilated.

    1. Anthony Reply


      You gold-digger! Here’s me thinking you loved me for me 😛 Cheers!

      Me too man, I’d have lost my powers 🙁

  18. James Clark Reply

    Anthony, what an ordeal. So glad to hear you have the all clear. Good thing that this happened (if I can say tuch a thing) in Chiang Mai rather than somewhere more expensive (pretty much anywhere else in the world).

    I look forward to your updates from the road!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Jamesy T,

      Cheers man, yeah CM is the perfect place to get your head down and work, and eat yummy (cheap) Thai food!

  19. hayadeen Reply

    glad that you are doing fine now…(you must have done shitloads of charity in previous life!)..
    take care man..

    1. Anthony Reply

      Thanks Hayadeen,

      Hahaha maybe I was Mother Theresa 😛

  20. Matthew Karsten Reply

    Wow. What a wild ride. Glad you don’t have The Mouth Cancer! You’ve inspired me to hug more strangers.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Me too, Michael! Awesome, go get hugging! 🙂

  21. Christine Medina Reply

    Crazy! So glad you’re ok. Hugs make the world go round.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Christine,

      Thank you, you’re so right!

  22. mam Reply

    You did a great job as normal son, crying while I read this and you know I dont do crying! so glad you came through it ,I didnt really need to know about you errection though) sending you lots of hugs cant wait to see you again to give you a proper hug
    love your ma
    James Chloe and Adam send there hugs James says his hugs are like maccass no emotions or stuff proper man hugs

    1. Anthony Reply

      Cheers Mam,

      Hey – you get what you pay for on Man Vs Clock…there are no exceptions 😉


  23. Adventurous Kate Reply

    Anthony, you brought me from laughing hysterically to crying in this piece. You really are a gifted storyteller and a wonderful person.

    I am SO glad you’re okay. And you WOULD tell the nurses to fight to the death for your phone number!!

    I also love your mam’s comment. 😀

    Miss you, dude, and take care of yourself — TBU isn’t the same without you.

    1. Anthony Reply

      My dear Kate of Boston,

      Thank you, not so bad yourself 🙂 Hahaha yes I don’t deny this erm “accusation,” but I honestly can not remember saying it!

      haha this is retribution to my Mother, for making me eat onions as achild bahahahaaaaa. Cheers, that makes me smile. Maybe next year! 🙂

  24. Julia Reply

    Going through something like this is scary enough at home with family and friends around – I can’t even imagine what it was like going through it alone in a foreign country. But I’m not going to throw you a pity party cos thankfully you’re ok and you have $5k in your back pocket 😉 Enjoy your upcoming adventures!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Julia!

      Hope you’re doing well!!? haha the money has been thrown back into investments, maybe I like living on the edge! I’ll be catching up on your travels soon 🙂

  25. Mica Reply

    Wow. Glad you’ve got it all sorted and you’re not dying! Always good news right? You’ve motivated me to share the tale of when I got my butt probed while living in Chiang Mai last november! Thanks for that (I think?)

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Mica,

      Hahaha DO SHARE!!!

  26. Financial Samurai Reply

    That’s some crazy shit man! So it wasn’t cancerous, it was just a what? Sounds large and uncomfortable! I’ve got to catch up on your journey.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey FS,

      It was a tumor of my saliva glands or some shit (that;s the actual medical term bahaha).

  27. Michelle and Mark Reply

    Hey you!

    Ha, your mam’s comment is so class (didn’t need to know about the erection bit).

    Glad you are well bud, you have been pretty brave Anth, I’d have crumbled. You are a total inspiration. Good on you. Mark says hello. he wants to read the story when I am finished.

    I’m dead proud of calling you my friend and I tell everyone about MvC.

    We’ll skype soon!

    Shell and Mark xxx

    1. Anthony Reply

      M & M!!!

      hahaha! I’m proud to call you mine too, give mark a kiss on his head from me. Skype soon indeed!



  28. Scarlett Reply

    OH god you poor thing – the lip tumour sounds so terrifying, I’m so glad you’re OK! Sorry but I couldn’t stop laughing at the things you did under anaesthetic thought – especially the fight to the death one – I wish I’d of been one of those nurses I wouldn’t have been able to contain the laughter!

    So glad you’re ok – and a hug can cure everything! x

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Scarlett,

      (still think that’s an awesome name) hahaha, don’t worry about it. I found it funny myself when I heard. It’s not my fault….ish.

      Thank you, it’s remarkable what a hug can do, yes – no matter how independent you are x

  29. Takiyah Reply

    Anthony!!!! So nice to read this story in all its glory! I miss you over here in HCMC and am waiting on another one of your wonderful hugs. When are you visiting? I promise that the rainy season is not so bad 🙂

    1. Anthony Reply


      I have your email address in my notepad and was planning on writing to you from the jungle. My friend Google says it rains A LOT, you fibber 😛

      Still undecided, you’re killing me. Miss you and your hugs and Californication nights 🙁

  30. TinTin Reply

    Antonio… Just read this now. I was laughing so hard at the start of this post then got teary eyed as I read and read and read… I remember the lump. Your hesitance to go out even when I was there. :s But in the end, I am happy everything went well. You’re safe, you’re back on your feet and ready to be back on road! This is definitely one experience you’ll never forget and one where you’ve learned a lot. 🙂 You take care!!! Miss you a lot! 🙂

  31. Paul Iveson Reply

    Hey Cuz

    Another emotion provoking post from your good self! You are an inspiration Anthony- despite the uber shite time you went through you turned it around and drew strength from it.

    I have heard many stories from work of people coming around from anesthesia but your’s tops the list- “Told the two female nurses that they should fight to the death, for my phone number”.

    Keep up the hard work Anthony but remember to ENJOY the journey….keep making us all proud.


  32. Tal Gur Reply

    “You can read all of the positive quotes in the world, but nothing says “you are not alone” like a proper cuddle!” – Like! Glad you enjoyed Chang Mai, keep having fun

    1. Anthony Reply

      Cheers, Tal! 🙂

  33. Caz Reply

    Anth my lovely 🙂

    I cried when I read this post-very moving but a great read and loved funny parts and love your mam’s comment! I just wished I could have given you a big HUG myself or 100 of them. Missing you loads, sending loadsa love and hugs Caz xxxxx

    1. Anthony Reply

      Cheers Caz 🙂

      *hugs back*


  34. Jo Reply

    Fantastic read Anth,
    Firstly I’m so glad you are ok & can’t believe you had to go through all that alone, but I’m sure it’s made you stonger! So incredibly proud of you. Sending huge hugs, love you xxx
    Also pretty glad I’m sat reading it alone, laughing & crying at the same time would have people wondering what the hell is going on ha! – enjoy the rest of your journey, stay safe Xxxx

    1. Anthony Reply

      Cheers Jo,

      That means a lot, glad I evoked some emotions 😛 Take care, darling.


  35. Nomadic Chick Reply

    Oh man, I can so relate. Not to be too graphic, but I had some lady bleeding in the middle of India – had to go to Delhi and do all these tests, an ultrasound at that, while 3 or 4 Hindi medical staff talked about my ladybits like i wasn’t even there.

    They said the worst word on earth – cancer. It was the first time I was really freaked out while travelling. I had a very bad staph infection in India as well – and even that didn’t scare me as much.

    In private hospitals – it’s kinda weird because they’ll hand results to you directly. “Negative for malignancy” were 3 of the most beautiful words I read in the English language at that moment. My hands shook as I read it.

    You totally realize that life is not worth wasting – I still needed to learn that even though I was living my dreams of travel.

    So glad you’re okay, mate!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Jeanie,

      There’s no such thing as “too graphic” on Man Vs Clock 😉 I’m very sorry that you had to go through a very similar thing, but of course – delighted it also ended well 🙂

      I think I’ve always known that life is precious – this was just one last, scary confirmation!! High five to your healthy self! 🙂

  36. crazy sexy fun traveler Reply

    Babe, I knew about all this when it was happening to you but still now reading this, I felt so bad! Sending you million hugs and I’m happy you are fine, Mr sexy lips :-*

    1. Anthony Reply

      Thanks Alexandra,

      Hugs back at you 🙂

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  39. Jodi Reply

    This made me tear up a bit when you offered to hug the girl.
    What a great post.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Cheers Jodi, glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  40. Mike C Reply

    Mate, what a story. I’m so freaking relieved that you’re ok. I know I’m late on picking up on this post and for that I apologise. But damn I’m so happy you’re ok.

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  44. Ian Reed Reply

    Glad you pulled through ok. I am in my 50s, consider myself a tough guy, but never face a health threat. Hope I handle it as well as you.

    1. Anthony Middleton Reply

      And I hope you never have to face it, Ian! Thanks for your visit and kind words.

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