How to Keep Your Relationship Strong while Traveling

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Road warriors face a much higher rate of divorce than the rest of us. So, you need to try spending any spare time you get with your partners, and not wasting time and money at sites such as the one found by clicking here. Individuals that travel often have a strain on their relationship that can threaten it if not handled right. Here are four tips on how to keep your relationship strong while traveling. These tips will help prevent your relationship from falling apart.

Keep in Contact with Your Partner

Call your partner, at least nightly, to remain in contact with them. Text messages and emails are a minimum, but the emotional impact of hearing a partner’s voice is a hundred times more important. Answer the phone when they call, unless you actually are in the middle of a presentation. If you have children, set aside extra time to talk to the children separately so that your spouse doesn’t feel like the lesser priority.

Respond to texts and increase the number of messages you send when you are not at home, especially if your ability to call is limited. If there is a problem while you’re gone or something happened before you left, increase communication to prevent new issues from arising. The ideal situation is resolving conflicts before you travel so that you aren’t trying to deal with them remotely and end up with a reason to avoid communicating with your partner when they need it most.

Be Honest

If you will be arriving back around nine at night, don’t promise your spouse you’ll make dinner at 7 and then show up late. The broken promise will hurt worse than the statement, “I can’t do that.” Waffling or hinting that you may follow their schedule implies that you’re lying, while failing to follow through on those vague promises makes them wonder what you’re hiding. Be honest.

Limit Contact with Potential Love Interests

Do not go out to dinner “as friends” with a coworker who could be a potential love interest unless the dinner is attended by several other coworkers without any romantic interest. Do not go out for drinks with someone who you could end up in bed with. Never spend the night in the same hotel room as a coworker who could be a love interest, and avoid having rooms right next to each other unless there is a whole group traveling together. Avoid going on repeated overnight trips with the same potential love interest or else it will look like you’re traveling together to have an affair together. And if you do have to go on a trip with a coworker that could be mistaken for a love interest, do not go out for drinks after dinner or out for meals with them upon your return. That quality time together creates the opportunity for intense emotional bonding and is a betrayal of your partner.

Commit Random Acts of Kindness

Don’t expect a quick trip to the store on your way home to be enough to pay back your partner for dealing with your absence. Instead, commit random acts of kindness. Send flowers to arrive before you do. Use a tool like Adobe Spark to create free postcards to send to your partner while you’re away. Send physical cards from your destination if you’ll be away for a while, but make them loving notes, not “wish you were here at this exotic location!” type cards so often sent home by tourists.

If you want to keep the bond tight between you and your partner while you’re away, keep these tips in mind.

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