An Ode To Imodium


If you have ever experienced the dreaded “Delhi Belly” while travelling or had a case of the shits while camping or climbing mountains; you may or may not have been rescued by the mighty little white table called Loperamide, sold under the brand name of Imodium.

It has saved me from some very crappy moments on the road so many times that I decided to write an ode to Imodium, a love poem of some sort in its honour:

Oh Imodium, the peace thou bring
Gatekeeper of my fickle ring.
Bacteria; why do the powers employ?
Only here to steal my joy.
Alas, you’re there to fix this farce
Sweet saviour of my runny arse.
Parasites no more because of you
Hours away from a proper solid poo.
Blessed be me that you’re my chum
To seal the fate of my globe-trotting bum.
With you by my side; no evil I shall fear
Beloved Guardian Angel, of my capricious rear.

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Anthony Middleton

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