Beware Of Graduation Goggles Before You Leave

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You can be the most confident, cocksure, single-minded person on the planet. You can be the most decisive, excitable, determined, person in the universe – but you still won’t be immune to wearing (and suffering from) the occasional ‘graduation goggles.’

You can find yourself wearing them when you’re finally leaving your soul-sucking job, a failed romance and as the phrase suggests – on your last day of school.

What exactly is Graduation Goggles?

‘Graduation Goggles’ is a phrase that I learnt from American TV comedy show “How I Met Your Mother.” The show isn’t exactly side-splitting kind of funny, but I like it’s quirky little metaphors about the emotional challenges we face in life. Basically, graduation goggles is when you are ready to quit something that you’re not feeling the love for any more, but then start seeing it in a new and positive light.

Have you ever broken off a relationship, which you knew was inherently wrong for you, only to reminisce about the good old times once you’ve wielded the old axe of heartbreak? Ever moved home and even though you hated the house you’re leaving, you look back for one last time on your way out, with that feeling of such sweet nostalgia?

That’s them, that’s your graduation goggles.

The point is you can’t trust graduation goggles. They are just as misleading as beer goggles, bridesmaid goggles and that’s just a bulky outdated cell phone in his front pocket goggles.

(Robin, HIMYM).

Last Saturday, I had a leaving party. In nine days time, I am leaving this cold city which has bored my restless feet for many years. It’s been my absolute dream to travel the world for so long and I’ve been so high for the last few weeks. However, the day after the party I woke up and I felt as sombre as a Radiohead album and I had an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I felt sad.

I started to think about all of these lovely people I’d be leaving behind. I started to to feel guilty after seeing my little brother and sister cry. I started to think about how I’ll only be a stranger to my best mate’s daughter, when I return for visits. I started to see my city as the most beautiful city to have ever graced this earth. Even my bloody football team are exceeding all expectations and are actually fun to watch at the minute!

I soon realised that I was seeing the world through my graduation goggles and only a few days later – I feel all excited, focused and happy again. More importantly, if you can relate to any of the above; how do you go about ripping off them graduation goggles and marching forward to a better mentality?

Ask yourself these questions

Could you be happier? – The transition that you’re making, you made it for a reason and it more than likely led to your desire of feeling happier. You have a divine right as a human being, on this short time on earth to be as happy as you can possibly be. Does your transition have the possibility to enrich your life? I’m guessing yes – crack on!

Are you a human? – I’m guessing you are if you’re reading this! Well congratulations, human beings are the most intelligent species on earth, but that comes with a double-edged sword; heightened and confusing emotions. It’s completely normal to feel confused and sad when you’re leaving what you are used to and all you know. Chin up, fun times are ahead!

…also remind yourself of the negative times and negative reasons…

which have induced this need for change in your life. Focus on everything that has pissed you off and made you so miserable, that you had simply had to look at pastures new.

…also keep reminding yourself that…

There are no certainties in life, other than death. And while many people in this world live constantly controlled by fear of change, praying for a lottery win, or some sort of ‘sign’ – you got off your arse and took action and responsibility for a better life. So get out there – make mistakes, be happy and beware of them God damn graduation goggles!

Have you ever suffered from graduation goggles during an exciting transition? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Alouise Reply

    I experienced this after leaving my soul crushing job working at airport security. It was horrible. I stayed for 5 years and that was 5 years too long. But once I left, I kept thinking about the coworkers I liked. It was long, and odd hours at that job and your coworkers basically become like friends. Whenever I think of the good times there (and there were some) and the good workers (there were a few) I also think of how I felt working there, the constant negativity, the fear, the stress, having to watch your back to make sure someone wasn’t going to stab you (in a figurative sense), the early early mornings, the grumpy people I encountered. When I remember that I know I made the right choice to get out. Life is too short to live a life you hate.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Alouise,
      Cheers for the awesome comment! I actually went back and edited the post and wrote more about reminding ourselves about the negative times when the goggles strike!

  2. Lauren DiMarco Reply

    Great post! I’m excited for you. It is sad to say goodbye but you can always return to the known. I agree, get out there and find your place & enjoy the journey along the way!

    1. Anthony Reply


      Cheers, I’ll be dandy once I’m off that plane. Fact!

  3. Chris Reply

    Here here!

    I’m somebody who is often guilty of looking back at life with the ol’ graduation goggles. High school was the best time of my life, Korea was the best thing in the world, and every ex was the one that got away. It’s good to sometimes sit down and remind yourself that where you are is good and that you wouldn’t be there if you’d worn those graduation goggles forever.

    You’re making it hard not to include you in this week’s Recommended Reads, but I promised to only include first time appearances this week :-p

  4. peachy Reply

    I’m feeling this right now. I broke up with my boyfriend one year ago and now i’m dating a new guy and i was so happy! But the, graduation googles appear! I’m always thinking about the good times with my ex, that he’s the love of my life and things like that… I don’t know if this is real feelings or whaaat, but i’m getting a little crazy!