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How To Run a 100 Miles Ultramarathon (And How I Did It)

Running 109 Miles (188KM) For a Covid-Affected Thailand Charity

Going Blind on Aconcagua: Losing My Second Battle Against South America’s Tallest Mountain

Man climbing over a rock

Climbing Puncak Jaya: Tallest Mountain in Indonesia (& Oz?!)

New Challenge: Climb The Tallest Mountain in Australia (Puncak Jaya)

Marathon des Sables: my experience with the toughest footrace on earth

Marathon Des Sables

New Challenge: Marathon Des Sables, “toughest footrace on earth” (6 Marathons, 6 days in Sahara Desert)

Summiting Aconcagua

Failed (first) attempt at summiting Aconcagua: My Experience

Climbing Aconcagua Challenge

Latest Challenge: Climb Aconcagua (The Highest Mountain in South America)

Top of Mount Elbrus

Climbing Mount Elbrus: Europe’s (Official) Tallest Mountain!

Man vs World’s biggest half marathon within 2 hours (new challenge)

New Challenge: Meditate 30 Minutes Every Day For 30 Days

Why I’m Going On A Selective Information Diet (And Why You Should Too)

Why I’m Cold Turkey Quitting Coffee And Tea For 6 Months

Macau Highest Bungee Jump in the World

Highest Bungee Jump on Earth: Macau (Guide, Tips + Video!)

Man Standing In Front Of Mountain Kinabalu Peak

Climbing Mount Kinabalu: How To Summit Borneo’s Tallest Peak

Mt. Kinabalu

New Challenge: Climb Mount Kinabalu in One Day

Macau night

New Challenge: Man Vs World’s Highest Bungee Jump

My 3 Months Experiment as a Vegetarian Traveller

Veggie Funny

Confused Carnivore Goes Vegetarian on the Road for 3 Months

New Challenge: Travel Burma Old School With No Internet or Digital Help Of Any Kind

Backpack wanker

New Challenge: Travel with Hand Luggage Only for 3 Months

New Challenge: Six Months Abstinence From Alcohol In South East Asia

Jess The Sexy Swindler

I’ve Booked A One-Way Ticket Out Of England To…

Clueless dog

New Challenge: Book A One Way Ticket Out Of England In A Week!

Save Money

How I’m Planning To Save Money To Pay Off My Debts And Leave Home Forever

No idea

My 1st Post

Man walking through Sahara Desert at Marathon des Sables

Hi, I'm Anthony!

In November of 2010, I took on a mammoth challenge against the clock in a quest to upgrade my miserable life. I went out of my comfort zone and turned it all around. Seven years later, I’m completely location independent…

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