I’ve Booked A One-Way Ticket Out Of England To…

She's the one in the middle

Greetings chaps and chapesses!  Click on the video to see me draw eight countries out of a hat – the last one left is the country that I instantly booked a one-way ticket to 🙂 Well, it’s actually Kinder eggs containers and a mixing bowl, but hey – that’s just how I roll.

Initially, I was going to flick a coin, but “Jess, the Sexy Swindler” said that flicking a coin is not a 50/50 chance and that the coin has more of a chance of landing on the side it was flicked on. In case you didn’t know – “Jess The Sexy Swindler” is a girl from an English TV show called “The Real Hustle,” where they reveal scams by carrying them out on real people.

She is indeed a sexy swindler.

Jess The Sexy Swindler
She’s the one in the middle!

Anyway, sexy swindler’s aside, click on that video below and see where I’m going! 🙂 (apologies in advance if the video quality is poor and for my fidgeting and mumbling. I’m very nervous on video).

Edit: I have no idea why, but this significant video (amongst others) has gone missing from my Youtube channel 🙁 Looking into it now.

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