Video Diary: England To Malaysia, Tears, Tall Food & Bloody Nice Tea

Before you watch my short, four-part video clips of me expressing my thoughts on my way from England, to Malaysia – a few things:

. I have had it very easy so far – the plugs and sockets are just like back at home, they drive on the left too and the tea is just beautiful! ‘Teh Tarik’ being my favourite – a sugary, milky, frothy brew.

. I talk a lot of crap in my videos; mainly due to nerves and excitement.

. I have no idea what the deal is with this tall food, but I’m going to make it my mission to battle with it and somehow digest it, this week:

. People smile more over here and are very polite.

. The kids here are insanely cute.

. The food IS as cheap and as gorgeous as “they” (who are these “they” people? They know so much!) say it is.

. Investing in cheap flip-flops is a very bad idea and your feet will bleed. Spend a few more quid and get a sturdy pair!

. If you take drugs into Malaysia, they kill you by hanging. I know a way around this – don’t take drugs into Malaysia.

Video diary…

Little bro
The family

Hello Malaysia…

Edit: Videos are mysteriously lost from Youtube – heartbreaking! :O Working on getting them back!

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  1. Hogga Reply

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!! The honeymoon period! Ugh… I’m so jealous.

    1. Anthony Reply


      Get over here, we’ll remove all onions – starting in SE Asia!!! 🙂

  2. Paul Iveson Reply

    Anthony-Antonio-Dear Cousin.

    Another superb post with highs, lows and talking about the weather 😀 The honesty of your emotions truely was the cherry on the cake. It is really heartwarming to see that after all the years of waiting that your hopes&wishes have come true and you are living the dream. Cannot wait to hear more about your trip to Malaysia, and your monkey hunting adventures.

    Paul x

    p.s. love the sign off “Mwah” at end of your videos!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hew Cuz!

      Hahaha that bloody weather-talking Britishness is ingrained, man!!! MWAH (I’m so fucking metrosexual)


  3. mam Reply

    Glad they make a nice cup of tea, that is almost as imortant to you as the weather .missing you loads but glad to see you at last doing what you have always wanted “Mwah”x x x x ps YOU HAVE SEEN A MONKEY BEFORE WHAT KIND OF MOTHER WILL PEOPLE THINK I AM NEVER TAKING YOU TO A ZOO X X

    1. Anthony Reply

      Dear Mam,

      I HAVE NEVER SEEN A MONKEY BEFORE!!!!!!!!! Lots of love,


  4. Adrian Collins Reply

    Man has beaten clock, congratulations! 🙂

    I see you nearly breaking into tears in part 1. That was nice, showing a human side to you. Thanks for the videos, inspiring and heartwarming. 🙂

    Good luck with your travels and adventures!

    1. Anthony Reply

      “Adrian, ADRIAAAAN” (In a Rocky voice)

      Do people ever do that? Thanks mate, I want to be as honest as possible with all of this. Have no lows to declare yet though 🙂

      1. Adrian Collins Reply

        Yes, they do, actually! I just learned to laugh it off as its just people having a joke. 🙂

  5. Caz Reply

    Hiya hun

    Great to watch your videos 🙂 So glad you have arrived safely too.

    Hope you see a monkey or two.

    Enjoy yourself, take care and looking forward to hear from your adventures soon.

    Loadsa love

    Caz xxxxx

    1. Anthony Reply

      I MIGHT have seen a monkey today, Caz 😛

      Thank you! :)xxx

  6. Poosey Reply

    You never told me you were leaving like mate! Didn’t even give me a sip of your coffee mate! Miss you mate x

    1. Anthony Reply

      Aye mate, the rounders ‘incident’ proved to be too hard for me to cope with….Maaaaaaaate x

  7. Paul Reply

    Had to laugh about the flip-flop tip!

    Angie did exactly the same thing and ended up spending about 3 days with her feet up because of the blisters!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Paul,

      hahaha mate, I’m in agony 🙁 My once sexy feet are now patterned in plasters hehe

  8. simon Reply

    Dear Anthony,
    have a great time in Malaysia and don’t be too surprised if Newcastle finish top 6 (behind Liverpool), Can’t wait to hear your adventures!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Simon,

      Haha I’d take 6th!!!! Liverpool need to up there game though 🙂 we play each other pretty soon

  9. julie chadwick Reply

    Loved the way you put those videos together! Great too see you in Malaysia,living your dream!

    love julie x

    1. Anthony Reply

      Thanks Julie,

      Thanks very much, will be great to look back on! x

  10. Nelly West Reply

    Cant belive how many times you nearly had me in tears! TA Mate.
    Fantastic post, enjoy every second you deserve it.
    ps……… Iv got something to show you!
    TA Mate. xxx

    1. Anthony Reply

      Haha Nelly,

      Don’t you circle your hips at me, young man!! 😉 xx

  11. Jo-Jo Reply

    Hahahahaha “When my belly’s happy my heart is happy” don’t we know it !!!!

    Glad all is going well and you got there OK, made me chuckle watching you walk down the

    street chatting away to yourself and no one seemed to notice. Hope you peeing every two

    seconds didn’t arise suspicion in the airport and form the basis of a strip search 😉

    Enjoy your sensory overload,

    Loads of Love MWAH j xxx

    P.S – The kettle misses you

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hahaha t’is a fact! I’ll send you instructions for the kettle if you get confused hehe xxx

  12. LIssie - from Travel Tips Reply

    First – can you please install the subscribe to comments plugin – it makes it so much easier to continue the conversation!

    Second – how do you do the video – particularly the walking down the street one – or was someone with you?

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey LIssie,

      I had someone look at my site last month, think they must have deactivated it. Good shout! I videoed this walking down the street, with the lens facing me – while trying not to get knocked over 🙂

  13. Scott Reply

    Really happy for you, man! It was an absolutely great idea to post videos of before the trip and after, I’ve never sen that before on a travel blog. Anyway, live it up and maybe we will cross paths in 2012!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Scott, Cheers man! I thought it’d be a good touch and thinking about doing more with the video 🙂 Hell yeah, we’ll meet in 2012. Not long for you, now!!