Five Modern Methods for Building a Better Body

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Cultivating and maintaining a healthy, physically active body in many ways is more difficult than ever. While we may have access to an unprecedented amount of information and resources to make this dream a reality, the modern conveniences and demands of society largely cancel out any potential gains. From sedentary jobs to ridiculously unhealthy meal options on every corner, navigating around the many obstacles is a daily struggle.

Despite all of this, those who make a conscious effort to be active and improve their physical condition have many options available. Exercise and fitness do not have to be boring or two dimensional: there are methods and activities that can appeal to virtually any personality or body type.

In the adventure for a better you, let’s examine five modern methods that countless men and women are using to get into shape and cultivate better bodies.

Go Outdoors & Do What You Love

In decades and centuries past, people didn’t have to spend copious amounts of time in the gym or working out to be in shape. A combination of required physical activity from manual labor and better overall diets meant many enjoyed better bodies just by living their then-normal lives. In today’s world, however, that’s easier said than done.

One of the biggest reasons so many fail at bettering themselves is that they stick to tired, boilerplate exercise routines. Whether that be burning calories on a treadmill or lifting weights at the gym, this method isn’t right for everybody. If you find yourself getting burned out using these methods, then try something novel: get outdoors.

For those who love to travel, every day is an opportunity for exercise. There are literally hundreds of exciting outdoor activities that anybody can take up and begin enjoying – whether you’re at home, in the wild or halfway across the world. From biking and skiing to hiking and hang-gliding, everybody can find something that improves physical stamina and strength while also being enjoyable.

Bring the Gym Home to You

While past generations led active lives, they mostly did not have the ability to stay in shape outside of their required activities. For many, the advent of gyms has provided people with a sense of community and access to all of the cardio-related and strength training equipment they need. However, not everybody has time – or the desire – to work out in a gym with other people.

Thankfully, there are many different forms of exercise equipment that you can put in the home, thereby eliminating the need for costly gym memberships and uncomfortable social situations. From the standard cycling and spin equipment to full-fledged weight benches, the only true limit to your exercise regimen at home is your budget and how much space you have.

However, it’s recommended that you begin a more active and exercise-inspired lifestyle before making such an investment. The last thing you want to do is buy a bunch of equipment that you’re not using or don’t enjoy.

Powerful, Legal Supplements

Increasingly, people are discovering a whole host of chemicals, supplements and compounds that can improve both physical and mental performance. One can hardly browse sites such as Reddit without encountering posts discussing the newest “stacks”, and many trustworthy websites now promote the use of select chemicals that provide benefits comparable to steroids, but without the adverse effects (if you’re interested in this, then click for more).

Past generations didn’t have access to such scientifically reviewed supplements and chemicals. Thankfully, those of us in the modern world have a seemingly limitless amount of information at our disposal, helping us to discern which supplements and additions to our exercise regimens are best for us.

Even for those who don’t want to spend tons of time researching the latest breakthrough chemicals and compounds, most towns and cities have one or more exercise or supplement store where hundreds of different products are available for sale. From creatine and beta-alanine to BCAAs and nitrate, these modern inventions help to truly maximize the benefits and gains of any workout.

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

Now more than ever, carefully considering what you put into your body is an absolute must. All too often, people looking to get into shape either fail to adapt to better diets or try to pursue radical changes in both diet and exercise at the same time. In many respects, a precursor to being successful at building a better body revolves around mastering proper dietary habits first.

Regardless of weight or level of physical activity, focusing on improving dietary habits before any exercise routine begins can improve the chances of success. Not only can it help minimize the amount of shock that would otherwise occur when radically changing both exercise and diet habits simultaneously, but it can lead to a big boost in energy and wellbeing before you even begin exercising.

Once you’ve mastered a new, healthy diet, you’ll be able to take the extra energy and transfer that into a formidable exercise routine – not to mention that simply adopting better eating habits can improve your body to some degree by itself.

Get a Trainer

With so many options and possibilities regarding both diet and exercise, finding out where to begin can seem overwhelming. One quick search online and you’ll find dozens of different authorities on exercise swearing by completely different tactics and methods for physical improvement. How can you decide which one is best?

One way to simplify the process and take the guesswork out of it is by hiring a personal trainer. This form of modern exercise convenience can help regulate every aspect of your journey, from meal plans to supervised exercise sessions.

Some trainers work in groups, making the ability to afford professional assistance more affordable. Others work on a one-on-one basis, coming to your home and/or providing valuable assistance at your local gym. Whatever the setting, personal trainers can help guide you in the right direction and keep you on the right track when you might otherwise fall off the wagon.

There’s no reason to be stuck in the dark ages when it comes to exercise. By incorporating one or more of the five modern exercise elements mentioned above, you can immediately begin improving your physical health while building muscle and increasing stamina.

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