Fitness Fairytales Six Workout Myths We All Need To Stop Believing In

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Exercise myths, such as ladies shouldn’t ride horses, bike ride or even jog for fear of hurting themselves have long been present, but these days there are a whole new bunch of exercise urban legends to contend with. To sort the fact from fiction once and for all these are the six most prominent myths that gym goers, runners and even dancers believe help to increase their fitness levels. There’s no shame in admitting that advertising giants or clever fitness brand PR campaigns have hoodwinked you as we’ve all assumed things at one time or another!

Weight Lifting Makes Women Bulky

This is a rather old idea from the days where men exclusively practised sports like weightlifting, wrestling and even strength training. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case and more, and more women are making a beeline to their local gym to tone up their legs, arms and even stomachs just by lifting a few weights. It’s believed to have been permeated due to images of men, and women who are professional bodybuilders, or weight lifting champions, flexing their rippling muscles. In fact, it’s actually rather difficult for women to hulk out as such because they don’t possess any testosterone, the hormone that makes it easier for guys to gain large amounts of muscle quickly. It’s easier to lose weight when training, because muscles are metabolically active and if you stick to a balanced diet and lift regularly you’ll become slender but very toned.

It’s Possible To Target Fat

This myth grew out of the idea that it’s possible to ‘spot train’ or target specifics areas of fat, say the stomach to lose weight. While it’s entirely possible to create a workout plan that helps tone up stomach muscles, activities that do this include High-Intensity- Interval-Training, swimming

or even Zumba,  as when you exercise your entire body is affected by the chosen activity.  If you’re looking for a new activity, then you should check out the piyo reviews to see if it’s right for you. Therefore, it’s scientifically impossible to isolate one area as fat cells are spread evenly throughout the body. Which makes the idea of ‘spot training’ products, waist trainers, ab belts and even cardio tights even more ridiculous because fat doesn’t just melt away! It needs to be burned off all over the body at regular intervals through movement.

Lose The Cardio Obsession

For some strange reason, many of us put absolute faith in our morning, or evening runs without really knowing the benefits. Because we learned in childhood that running is good for us, we believe that as long as we’re on the move, it’s a good thing. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with jogging, as long as you’re wearing the proper gear, have warmed up and are taking the proper health and safety precautions but it’s not always the best workout. To lose weight safely, over a period of months not years you should aim to combine cardio with a core strengthening activity like kickboxing, weight training, or even rowing. When it comes to losing weight the best weapon in the fight against fat is a good nutrition plan, and while running is great exercise, you may need to mix it in with something a little more high impact to get your metabolism going.

Good Workouts Hurt

Not necessarily as you can have an excellent, gold star rated workout session and not feel any pain whatsoever. In fact, good workouts mean making time for a proper recovery session, thorough cooldown and the odd sports massage or two just to make sure your muscles aren’t too strained. People who boast about ‘feeling the burn’ ‘no pain no gain’ and ‘fitness hurts’ are often exercising incorrectly, putting unneeded stress on muscles and not looking after aching limbs. Good hydration, plenty of rest and proper refuelling within forty-five minutes of finishing a session should all help to minimise any pain you may feel. These individuals are also the ones that say you should be giving 110 percent every time you exercise!

While focusing on your goals and remaining dedicated to exercise is fantastic, approaching every workout, especially if it’s daily, with the same intensity can lead to burnout quickly. Something any qualified personal trainer will tell you is that yes, it’s good to push yourself as only then you know what you’re made of, but it’s also important to know your limits and when to ease off as to avoid hurting yourself or feeling ill. Working out when tired, sick,

or just not in the right mind frame is also inadvisable because your body is under more strain and it’ll need to work much longer and harder to produce roughly the same results.

Daily Workouts Are Awesome

No. They really aren’t because if you’re working out six, or seven days a week you aren’t giving your body enough time to recover between sessions. Fitness experts state that it’s actually better to work out every two or three days, making sure that you have regular periods where you don’t go the gym and instead enjoy a relaxing swim to prevent muscle strain. You also need to give your body time to repair and rebuild those muscle fibres without any extra stress.

Yoga Isn’t Proper Exercise

When many people think of Yoga it’s in a calming incense filled studio with Tibetan bells; a tie-dye wearing yoga teacher and gentle, relaxing poses. While this ancient Indian art does focus primary on stretching, attuning your breathing to movements your body’s making and relaxing your mind it’s anything but easy. Those of you who think Yoga’s a cop-out have clearly never been inside a Hot Yoga class, stretching your body into intricate shapes

while the sweat drips off you in a 40-degree room. There are many different styles of practice and while some are gentle, others are extremely energetic and will certainly put you through your paces. Classes aren’t marked specifically for beginners, intermediates or advanced groups for no reason. Should you be unlucky enough to find yourself booked into the wrong class, make your apologies, pick up your mat and leave because you could seriously injure yourself or someone else just trying to keep up.

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