Above It All: Zip Lining in Queenstown

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Imagine yourself flying through the trees and gazing out at one of the most beautiful vistas in all the world. I found myself in exactly that spot, as I joined a zip line tour with Zip Trek Queenstown atop beautiful Gondola Hill in New Zealand.

Accessed by an hour long hike or a stunning gondola ride to the top, the views before the trek even begins are worth the price of admission. The view of Lake Wakatipu and the mountain range called The Remarkables is stunning from this vantage point, but I couldn’t wait to see what else I was in store for.

As the group gathered for the Koa Six Line tour, a new addition to Zip Trek’s lineup, the anticipation was almost killing me. I knew that this particular tour offered almost a full kilometre of uninterrupted zipping!

Getting ready to go!
Getting ready to go!

We made our way to the first of the six lines, and with three full hours of adventure in front of me, I began to take it all in. The beautiful forest was close all around, but allowed for the spectacular views I had come to love about Queenstown. And then, it was time to go.


The two guides on this tour kept everything running smoothly from platform to platform, sharing their knowledge along the way, but the real treat came later. After the group had arrived at the fifth platform, we took a little break and ventured into the forest. The guides offered the names of the trees, and information about the complex ecology of the area, displaying the passion they have for their part of the world. I had a whole new appreciation for the forest around me.

Then came the end, the last of the six lines on my tour. However, Zip Trek did save the best for last. This is the steepest zip line descent in the world and it lived up to the hype. Making that leap from the last platform and feeling gravity take over was just the thing I’ve been looking for. I took in one more look at the panorama before me and came in for a landing at the final platform.

New Zealand is one of the best places in the world for adventure travel!

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  1. Nick (theboywander) Reply

    That sounds incredible.
    Sounds like New Zealand were pulling out the big guns on what they do best – adventure tourism.
    Great post, thanks!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Cheers Nick! Oh yes – many travel bucket list items were ticked that fortnight!

  2. Margaret Andre Reply

    That was awesome. Never knew New Zealand had that great adventure trip that can leave tourists in awe. Adrenaline junkies will really love this zipline considering its length.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Margaret – oh yes, an absolute must for an adrenaline junkie 🙂