Your Year To Go Do

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Some call it daydreaming. But what do they know. One man’s disregard for idle thoughts is another man’s mind game of free-association. You want to come up with exciting plans? Mow the lawn. Go for a jog. Arrange your sock drawer. Essentially, free up your mind. Monotonous tasks based around repetitive manual labour are known to activate your brain’s Default Mode Network. That’s science speak for automatic ‘brainstorming’. The outcome is what we call imagination, and imagination leads to new and wonderful plans. That’s why my advice to anyone that wants to get out there and live a little isn’t simply to go get ‘um, tiger. No. That’s uninspiring waffle. My advice is to daydream first. If you’re anything like me, travel is at the top of your list of things to do, and you may only have a week or two away from work. But THIS year can be YOUR year. Don’t waste it with another unfulfilling Mediterranean beach. Leave that for people who didn’t daydream about the possibilities…

Niagara Falls

As much as you may believe that your friends and family truly wish to hear about your 14 night stay in an average hotel doing average sunny things on an average European island, you’re way wrong. However, you could be the person who’s seen Niagara Falls. The person who’s stood on the edge of 51 solid metres of thundering natural wonder. Take a helicopter flight. Take a boat into the haze. Go behind the falls on a walking tour. Visit this website for package ideas and take a trip guaranteed to deliver on horizon-broadening real life experiences. If you’re fed up of never being the most interesting person in the kitchen at a party, here’s your solution.

Brussels – The Atomium

Europe is full of strange stuff, and flights from the UK are cheap. Again, if you really want to take in some sights that are a bit more “I can’t believe more people don’t know about this!” then you’re going to want to see the Atomium. Why? How many of your friends have eaten their lunch in the top electron of a 102 metre tall building shaped like an atom? Oh, none? Yeah. That could be you. The Atomium is nuts. There’s loads of cool things going on in each of the ball shaped rooms, and you can get around the building easily enough via the elevators and escalators that join the rooms together. The Atomium almost feels as if someone was asked to draw their idea of the house they’d like to live in if they were a superhero. This is most definitely a bring-your-camera day out.

Diving in Italy – Take in the Underwater Statues

Ever heard of the Italian city of Baia? Probably not. There’s a very good reason for that. It’s underwater. Or at least, half of it is (the interesting half!). The Romans used Baia as a playground – it’s said that both Nero and Caesar passed their free time here, frollicking and getting up to no good in between bouts of global domination. The underwater ‘archaeological dive park’ is packed with villas, statues, columns, the lot. All handily very close together. Now THAT is a selfie worth taking (underwater cameras sold separately).   

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