Your Ultimate Moving Day Checklist

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The day which you have been preparing for has finally arrived, moving day, the dreaded last day in one property before moving to another. The key to this day running smoothly is in the planning so we have the ultimate checklist for how to ensure that this happens. This time last year I was searching for a moving company, as it happens in terms of moving companies Los Angeles has a ridiculous amount and it took me a while just get that sorted. Once the firm was ready we packed up and made our way up to Washington state. I was meticulous in planning and everything went perfectly, owing to that I thought I’d share my moving day checklist with you in the hope that it can help you to do the same.

Wake Up Early

There is no time for a lie in on moving day, get yourself up and ready at around 7 so that you are fully prepared for the day ahead. There are always last minute checks to do and things which you may have forgotten about, so get up early to ensure that you have everything under control.

Last Minute Packing

There are always last minute things which you need to pack, stuff that gets used right up until the final day. As soon as everyone is up and ready be sure that you start getting around the house picking up all of the extra bits which need to be packed and loaded.

Last Sweep

I was very fortunate when we last moved home that the senior who moved in was incredibly honest and called me about the diamond earring which he had found after he lifted the carpet up in the bedroom, not everyone will be as lucky. With this in mind then it is vital that you get around the house and do a final sweep, looking under and in-between everything to ensure that nothing has been left.

Doling Out Gifts

If you have been calling on some support of friends and family then this is the time to hand out the gifts, a nice way to close the chapter and show your gratitude. We bought bottles of wine for the ladies and razors from for the guys, they all went down very well.

Ensure Everything is Off

The final check before you leave the house is to ensure that everything has been switched off. Check the water, the power and the gas to ensure that these have been switched off at source. Even if someone is moving in to your old home it is likely that there’ll be a few days where the house remains empty, so avoid any danger by powering the house down.

Say Goodbye

Just before you get into the vehicle to go to your new place, take a walk around the old home, pause for a second to remember what has happened there to reinforce your memories, it is likely that you will never be here again.

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