Why you should start to run

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For the proper functioning of the human body needs physical activity. To ensure the health effect is widely spread good run in the morning. But is this true? Do not overestimate the value of recreation running?

No, running – it’s a great way for borrowing in shape if you are just starting to play sports. Hiking will make it possible to establish the necessary weight and help you burn excess fat.

When walking and jogging knees and the body is not exposed to low stress, therefore improving walking and jogging suit everyone. As with all sports, the use of race in the morning depends on how regularly and what load you are giving your body. If you slowly walk around on Sundays, then do not expect quick results.

Benefits of running in the morning are priceless!

A Good run in the morning During jogging, all organs that come into activity. Hidden edema becomes less pronounced, begin excreted from the body toxins and excess salt, as when a man is jogging sweats. When the morning running or walking improves the function of the cardiovascular system.

Excessive power causes that the body discharge channels open calories. Such as the deposition of fat, including cholesterol. A surplus in the body has some negative effects. An active lifestyle gives a natural channel burning unwanted calories. Power consumption depends on the weight of the runner, the greater the weight, the greater the consumption of calories. Jogging has advantages over other physical activities. It intelligently combines efficient burning calories without overloading the cardiovascular system.

Curative value of running

Most women consider jogging overwhelming. In this case, the alternative is a leisurely walking step. Pick an acceptable rate of movement during walks and intensive work with his hands. This walking burns more calories than a smooth pace and not quickly run and give the tone of the legs, abdomen and buttocks muscles. When walking improving the body is working hard and strengthening the cardiovascular system.

Drawing up an individual program of this kind are engaged in fitness and wellness trainer and a doctor. By providing your age and level of fitness. Before jogging or walking, preparatory and final movement.

So, if you decide to start or end your day with easier or not very jogging, there are five tips.

  • The first day – the most difficult. Your body will have to get used to the idea that he begins a new life: he still does not know that you have decided to take care of it this way. Start with an easy short run. The heavy load may do more harm than good.
  • Use alternative running with walking. This will give your body to adjust to the changes taking place in it. Walking should not be long: just a minute or two.
  • Do not attempt to run abruptly without preparation. Make a light workout at the beginning: waving his arms, bending, leg raises.
  • Experiment! Listen to your body.

Choose your rhythm and tempo. Help yourself! Good luck and health!

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