Why You Should Never Be Too Scared To Make Wholesale Life Changes

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Making changes can be scary, whether it is changing a job, a relationship, your character or where you live, these big life changes can certainly strike fear into the hearts of all of us. Even relocating my business was something that I found too scary to do until I read an article online which motivated me, click here to see it.  I’ve learned that It is important that we understand what this fear is, it is a fear of failure, a fear that you’ll put yourself out there and that things will go wrong. This is perfectly reasonable of course but it is important to learn that this is natural, and how you change is key to its success. This article can help you in this respect https://notsoaveragemama.com/theres-no-good-bad-changes-make/. Despite how worrying things may feel, here is why you should never be too scared that  you don’t make those big changes.

So What?

Yes things can go wrong, there is a possibility that you will make a huge change and come to regret it, but so what! What is the worst thing that could happen? Normally nothing too catastrophic and if it does go badly, there is always a solution. Failure is a normal part of life, it is how we learn, move forward and evolve. It is also important to consider the alternative, staying still, living in a safe bubble where everything is familiar and average is no way to spend a life.

Greatest Decision

Our minds very often focus solely on the negatives such as failure and what that may look like, but what if everything goes perfectly well? This could be the greatest change of your life. Take my friend Shirley, she quit her well paid job as an attorney to chase her dream fo being a writer, a huge risk and one which wasn’t paying off for the first year. She then got a big break writing for an online magazine and she is now infinitely happier and writing great articles like this one https://bestnewsmag.com/best-oregon-pinot-noir-wineries-and-how-to-avoid-it/ about her favorite subject, wine. There should be fear but there should also be a strong sense that this could be the best decision which you have ever made.


Regret is one of the worst sensations and emotions which you can feel and it is very clear that if you have been thinking about making a certain change in your life and choose not to, that you will come to regret this decision. The reason for this is that you will never know what would have happened, if you do make a decision and it goes wrong, then at least you can look back and say ‘well at least I gave it a go’. Regretting not making a decision is always worse than regretting one which didn’t quite work out how you hoped that it would.

If you are looking at making a change then embrace the fear and use it to motivate you to make the change worthwhile.

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