Why You Must Always Remember The Shortness of Life

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If you have plans to take a trip, build a business, create something new, learn a hobby or just about any other change in your life the it is absolutely essential that you are constantly reminded just how short this life we have is. We really do only get one shot at this thing called life, as far as we know at least, and wasting it away planning yet not executing simply makes no sense at all, as it will be over before you know it. Many people spend their lives wishing and hoping, but never taking action, my Grampy used to say that there are talkers and there are doers, and here is why you must ensure that you fall into the latter category.

Tragedy Happens

Unfortunately life can be very cruel indeed, and tragedies occur all of the time which take a young life away from us, and it can happen to you. What normally happens is that for a few weeks or months after the sudden death of someone we consider to be ‘young’ we all take stock of our lives and convince ourselves that we should stop wasting time, unfortunately we then revert back to how we were and things don’t get done.


If you visit a retirement home or speak to seniors then you will find that many of them live with regrets of not doing more whilst they were fit and able. A friend of mine used to work with seniorsforseniors.ca and he was regularly speaking with elderly people who were racked with the regret of not doing more, and than painful feeling of knowing that there is no way back. Is this what you want at the end of your life, to look back and realize that you could have done more but didn’t? Nobody really wants that feeling, so do something about it now whilst you are still able to.

Money Worries

Many of us put the failure to achieve our dreams down to money but the truth is that this is just a mental obstacle that we put in the way, there will always be more money. Been dreaming of a luxury trip? Click here to book the trip of your dreams, naturally don’t bankrupt yourself, but ask yourself honestly if the spend is going to do so much damage to your life. Always dreamed about setting up your own cafe? Click here to see how much a great coffee machine will cost, ask yourself if money is really an object, or are you scared that you’ll fail? Money is great and it can of course allow you to do far more with your life, but to pretend that it is the be all and end all is something which will prevent you from achieving your dreams.

We really don’t have time to waste, life slips by in the blink of an eye and the question will be what did you do with yours?

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