Why “Wanting” Something Just Isn’t Good Enough

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You want that beach body. You want to leave your soul-crushing job, so you can start a business that enables you to have more flexibility to do all of the things you have wanted. You want to become more interesting and meet cooler people. Then there’s that dream destination that you have always wanted to visit. Or maybe you just want to be happier.

The want…it’s just not good enough I’m afraid. If you want it and you haven’t got it yet – the chances are you just don’t want it bad enough. When you say “I want,” or even its close cousin in laziness “would love to,” all you are doing is declaring a fake affirmation.

It’s almost as if just stating that you want something let’s you off the hook for not taking any action towards attaining it. On the flawed grounds of; “everything happens for a reason,” right? Ask and ye shall receive? Because the universe owes it to you, right? NO! The universe is disgusted by this attitude. It’s not your cocksure attitude that pisses her off (yes, I decided to make the universe female. You’re welcome, ladies).


She’s cool with that. What is really annoying her is your sense of entitlement to this object of your desire, alongside the fact that you are doing sweet f*** all do get it. The universe is a giving girl. She’s more than happy to give you what you want – but only if:

a.) You actually DO SOMETHING in line with attaining the thing that your heart desires.

The Problem: You don’t want that thing more than you want to vegetate in front of the TV. You don’t want that thing more than you want to get drunk with your friends on a weekend so you can escape the reality and consequences of your inactions. You don’t want that thing more than you care about what people will think about you if you chase those dreams. But you certainly don’t want it more than you deserve it.

The Solution: Start taking action on a daily basis and work towards getting what you want. This steamroller of constant action and determined energy warms up the universe and she’ll start to open up to you. Prioritise and stop doing menial crap that doesn’t enrich your life in terms of getting what you want. But that’s not enough…

b.) You trade in your ‘want’ for obsession.

The Problem: You kind of want it, but not in the way that it’d keep you up at night, or give you butterflies when you think about having it. You think it would be nice to have, and you wish you could have it. This is the point when the universe gets all sassy and clicks her fingers and tells you you’re no good for her – and to come back when you’re serious about the relationship.

The Solution: Become OBSESSED! Tell yourself, tell your peers and family and more importantly – tell your heart that nothing in this world is going to stop you getting what you want! No setback, negative comments, recession, government – NOTHING is going to stop you. Switch your mentality to that of a herd of stampeding rhinos and become as obsessive as a 14 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Recently I witnessed a close friend become obsessed about fully owning his own property before the age of 30 years old. Pretty much 85% of our conversations were about his struggle to make this happen. You could almost feel his nervous energy bounce off the walls when he talked about it and as repetitive as it was – it was pretty cool and positively infectious to be saturated by such a go-getting attitude. Nothing in the world was going to stop him. Nothing. He’s 29 and he fully owns his property.

Let’s finish on another nice little story…


Once upon a time there lived a young boy who used to watch ‘the Karate Kid’ trilogy (let’s just pretend the 4th movie didn’t really happen and don’t even get me started on the remake) at least 20 times a week. He was quite the obsessive little kid and he was particularly fond of Karate Kid 2 – which was set in a Japanese island called ‘Okinawa.’

The young boy became completely fixated on the island and often read about the place in his school library (usually whilst on detention). The island seemed even more fascinating and his eyes lit up as he dreamed of this faraway land. The odds were against him as he was from a broke family and his self-confidence took a knock on a daily basis (that’s a story for another day). But that young boy was a dreamer, and he pledged to himself that one day he would get to that faraway land. And not a thing in the world was going to get in his way.

That boy was me of course. Apologies (kind of) for the narcissistic angle.

As you read this – I will island hopping in none other than…Okinawa 🙂 (I have chills writing this). I may be a man now, but the childhood enthusiasm I had all those years ago is just as intense. And that exact energy of obsession mixed in with constant action has resulted in my life being the fairy tale that it is today.

Get obsessed. Take action. Because I’m afraid merely “wanting” it just isn’t good enough!

Song for the moment: ‘One Way,’ by Blondie…

Notable Lyrics:

“One way or another I’m gonna find ya
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha
One way or another I’m gonna win ya
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha”

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  1. Erica Reply

    I’m pretty sure you should have just island hopped in Okinawa instead of trying to go to mainland Japan during this trip. 😉

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hahaha I would be a liar if I said I have never been tempted, Erica 😛

  2. Ian Ord - Reach for the stars Reply

    Always an inspiration from the moment we met, mr Middleton. You’ve certainly worked hard to get where you are today, and the rewards are finally paying themselves off. Keep reaching for the stars amigo! Obsession is just the beginning 😉

    1. Anthony Reply

      Thanks, Ian mate 🙂

  3. Ruth Reply

    Very powerful words you have in here. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this topic..