Why Vaporize Marijuana Instead of Smoking It

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Okay, so repeat after me: Smoking sucks, vaping rules!

Too much? Probably. But, let’s be completely honest here. When it comes to a comparison between smoking and vaping, the ‘vape’ always wins. It’s already been proven that using a vape instead of smoking an actual cigarette decreases the harmful effects tenfold. After all, the majority of the problem comes from actual combustion. The carcinogens, the tar, the smell, oh my! There are hundreds of testimonials out there from people who have switched from regular smoking to vaping, and you know what they all have in common? You guessed it: They definitely feel a lot better.

The same applies to your daily dose of marijuana. Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons why vaporizing weed is much better than smoking it.

Let’s Talk About Health

You’ve definitely heard the argument that smoking marijuana has not been proven to cause lung cancer. Even if that were true, the reality remains that smoking anything at all is still hazardous. The combustion of marijuana still produces carcinogens and tar, which could eventually lead to serious respiratory system irritation, and maybe even chronic bronchitis. Vaporizers were made to overcome all that. With your ‘vape’, you’re heating weed at a temperature a lot lower than combustion, which produces the inhalable vapor with all its lovely active medical ingredients, and none of the harmful by-products. Basically, vaporizing cannabis removes 95% of the carcinogens that are inhaled.

You see, vaporization is most effective at around 338 degrees, whereas joints can reach up to 2,012 degrees. This means your marijuana is being combusted, not just heated, and that produces the smoke we all know is one of the main causes of lung cancer. So, health-wise, vaping definitely gets the brownie points here.

Discretion is Key

Let’s take a hypothetical scenario, shall we? You’re at a concert, the music’s blazing, and you’re having the time of your life. The only thing missing that would really make this night memorable is a few puffs of weed. But lighting up a joint could either get you kicked out, arrested, or the least of all problems, the stink eye from the people around you.

The vape eliminates that completely. Although some still emit a noticeable smell and vapor, vaporizer pens are generally much more discreet than a joint. The way the vape pen looks will even make it seem like you’re smoking regular e-liquid. The cloud disappears much quicker, and the smell doesn’t linger on your hands or in your clothes. Basically, you could get away with a stylish looking vape anywhere. Want to take a hit while drinking coffee at your favorite restaurant? Go ahead. No one will even notice.

If you do your homework and read various vaporizer reviews, you’ll be able to find the top handheld vaporizers according to users.

It’s All About The Money!

I won’t lie to you; vaping requires an up-front investment. However, if you do what I did and look at the long-term benefits, you are definitely saving a hell of a lot of money. Why? Well, for starters, you will be burning a lot less to get just as high.

Studies have shown that vaporizers could convert up to 46% of available THC into vapor, while the average marijuana joint converts less than 25%. Not to mention you can use the leftovers of your vape session to make some edibles. You might need twice the stuff to make the recipe, but let’s think big here, okay? No trace of leftover herbs! Score!

Get More Out of Your Stash

Let’s be completely honest here…we’re smoking marijuana for the high after all. Even for medicinal use, we do it to relieve stress and chronic pain. So, if the hit is better and cleaner, then that’s a definite plus. Studies have shown that vaporizing marijuana makes you feel the results of your herbs more quickly, mainly because your body absorbs THC and CBD at a much faster pace.

Besides, I’ve come to realize that vaporizing weed makes me really taste the flavors a lot better. Not to mention, I spend a lot less on marijuana than I used to, because I get so much more out of it with a vaporizer than actually smoking it. And the high is that much better!

It Tastes Better

The truth about smoking weed, is that it doesn’t taste all that great. Vaping on the other hand provides an enjoyable flavor, with no harsh taste. It also won’t make you have the urge to cough like smoking does.

Most vaporizers will provide excellent flavor production. Providing a more enjoyable experience than smoking.

Today, whenever I’m asked whether I would vaporize weed or smoke it, the answer is a no-brainer: Vaporize! With all the new technology out there that’s making vapes easier and more reliable to use, it’s a wonder that anyone is still rolling joints. Health issues are just one of the reasons, and to be quite frank, I’ve seen positive results in that department ever since I started using vaporizers. And I can honestly say that it’s been good on my bank account as well.

The thing is, you can’t deny the truth that the benefits greatly outnumber those of smoking (if you can really call anything related to smoking a benefit). And there are hundreds of users who could testify to that. SO, the next time you find yourself in the dilemma of whether to smoke your marijuana or vaporize it, take my word for it and go the ‘vape’ way. I can promise you that you definitely will not regret it!

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