Why SEO Is Important For Your Business

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I work with a number of businesses to help them define a digital marketing strategy which will meet their aims, and I am often surprised at how many still are not using search engine optimization. The difference which this can make for a business is huge, as the team at Sparkrock, one of my clients, recently discovered. For the unaware, SEO is about using methods which elevate your status for certain keywords which people search for on search engines like Google, let’s say that you have a storage company and you want to rank well for ‘storage units near me’, you can build content in a way which will get you to page 1 on of these results, and here is why this is so crucial for your business.

Page One or Nothing

It is very rare that potential customers will look beyond page one of the search results for their query, some may go to page two but beyond that nobody looks. This means that if your business is not ranking well for what the customer is searching for, they are not going to find your business.

Organic Search

Organic search is absolutely huge and it makes up almost 95% of all internet activity. This gives you a wonderful business opportunity for people to be able to find your business when they are searching within your niche. The beauty of a smart SEO plan is that these customers are already actively seeking a business such as yours, unlike marketing where you are aiming for people who may have a need which you can meet.

Building a Brand

The cornerstone of building a brand is to increase your company’s visibility and this is something else which SEO can easily deliver. If you are constantly ranking on the top page of the search results for keywords within your field, the customer will see your company many times and even if they choose not to use your business this time, the seed will have been planted for the future.

User Experience

Because of the techniques which companies like ignitedigital.com use when creating SEO-friendly content for your business, a nice by-product of this is that you are improving the overall user experience. Easy to navigate websites, high quality content which is easy to engage with and a faster website to boot, means that the customer will get much more value from using your business website.


Ultimately SEO will bring more money into your business through direct sales and leads, providing a very high return on your investment. This is after all the reason why we take any actions in business and the track record of SEO is incredibly successful. It doesn’t matter which sector or industry you are working in, SEO can deliver increased visibility, the chance to eat up market share, and more revenue for your business as a result.

This is an opportunity which you must not leave on the table.

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