Why Science is So Important

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There is a never-ending debate about what we should and shouldn’t teach our kids at school, and as the world turns and changes this type of debate is certainly welcomed. One area of education which we must never lose however is that of the sciences, a crucial subject which teaches our children some vital lessons and it is also a subject which is necessary in their overall education. There are some people who believe that science shouldn’t be obligatory for our kids, but here is exactly why it most certainly should.


There are so many careers which are founded in science and this is one of the most important reasons why science is so necessary. Engineering and all of its branches for example is a great profession and one which is wonderfully rewarding, all aspects of engineering from working with augmented reality to designing new medicines have their roots in science. This is just one example of the huge range of scientific-based careers which our kids will be able to choose from if they are educated well in the sciences.

Power to do Good

In almost all careers which involve science there is the power to do good, this could be using examples like those above, in designing medicines or vital software to protect our online realms. Even charities like Global Faces Direct are able to do better work because of the science which they use such as giving them an online voice, to being able to access those in need in hard to reach regions around the world. Scientists are about finding answers and then using those answers to solve issues. It isn’t always grand statements like curing diseases either, very often it is the small solutions which they offer which can be vital to so many, such as these guys…https://atlanticscale.com/instrument-calibration-services/… who calibrate instruments used in manufacturing, medicine and many other industries.

Climate Change

Whether you choose to believe it or not climate change is a very real threat to our planet and it is absolutely crucial that we are raising children who are aware of this, and who will grow up to help our planet rather than destroy or exploit it. Us adults have had to make the hard choice in changing the way in which we live but the younger generation today can grow up with this information and live better lives from the get-go, which will help the planet.

Critical Thinking

Above all else science encourages critical thinking and reasoning, as well as the mindset of seeking solutions and answers to problems. These are core skills which will help people throughout every area of their life, regardless of whether or not they pursue science in the future. When our kids are educated we are not just looking for them to amass knowledge but also character, and the lessons learned in science have the ability to do both.

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