Why I Use A Juicer to Make Healthy Drinks

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When I decide to be in good shape of my life and travel healthier, I normally start shedding weight through juicing. Notably, this is why freshly-made juices feature prominently on my diet. Juicing allows me to fully benefit from nutrients that are contained in fruits and vegetables. However, this is not usually the case whenever I blend fruit and vegetable juices. Here’s why I use a juicer to make healthy drinks.

Production of Nutrient-Rich Juices

Understanding that most enzymes and vitamins required by our bodies come from fruits and vegetables made me fully embrace juicing. When the liquid part of whatever fruit or vegetable I intend to consume gets separated from the pulp, I fully receive my daily nutrient servings without any nutritional loss. Juicing gives me thick and dense beverages and a relatively smaller amount of liquid compared to blending. The separation of fruits and vegetable from pulp produces a low fiber beverage, which supplements my daily diet.

Complements My Weight Loss Regimen

Juicing fruits and vegetables rather than blending them completes my weight-loss regimen. Through juicing, I can consume up to two pounds of fruits and vegetables every day. Since only juice gets separated from pulp and fiber during juicy, necessary nutrients, get directly absorbed to the bloodstream. Ideally, this is beneficial to my weight-loss objectives because I get to consume many nutrients without stuffing myself with too much fiber or overloading my digestive system.  

Increases Intake of Fruits and Vegetables

Using a high-quality juicer to make healthy drinks allows me to consume a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, thus enabling my body to get more nutrients within a short span. I can only cook a limited number of vegetables in a week. On the other hand, juicing helps me add more variety to every juice that I prepare. Whenever I make healthy drinks using a juicer, I use a wide range of fruits and vegetables in every beverage that I use.

Less Wastage

Juicing requires more vegetables and fruits input compared to blending. The portion of liquid that I get from juicing is significantly smaller than what I get from blending. Therefore, juicing boosts my vegetable and fruit intake without necessarily making me feel fuller due to the small amount of juice that I get from the process. Just like anyone else out there, it pains me to see fruits and vegetables going bad. Juicing them goes a long way in preventing wastage.

Removal of Toxins from the Body

Through juicing, essential nutrients get tapped from fruits and vegetables. Juicing enables me to produce alkaline-rich beverages, which when consumed, draw harmful acids from the body. The alkaline nature of beverages produced through juicing helps raise pH levels in our bodies. This goes a long way in protecting us against conditions such as kidney diseases, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Nutrients absorbed via juicing protect us from cardiovascular illnesses and common inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Juiced beverages enhance body metabolism by keeping out colons and digestive tracts free of obstructions.

Improves Skin Complexion

The skin is among body organs that predominantly reflect the kind of diet that we feed on. Eating junk food will leave our skins looking oily with lots of acne breakouts. Juicing helps us attain smooth and flawless skin since, through it, our bodies absorb more of the nutrients that the skin requires. Besides this, juicing suppresses our appetites for not-so-healthy foods such as fries. Keeping up with juicing helps me suppress the craving of unhealthy foods.

Juiced Drinks Enhance Food Absorption

Our bodies have an easier time absorbing nutrients from juiced beverages than blended beverages. The digestive system takes up to one hour to fully absorb blended beverages whereas it only takes 15 minutes for juiced beverages to get absorbed. This means that using a juicer to make health drinks comes in handy if I have any vitamin or iron deficiencies. Juiced beverages quickly replenish the nutrients that my body requires.

Juiced Beverages Are Good Hydrants and Oxidants

Proper hydration is one key factor to good health. Juiced beverages keep our cells healthy and nourished by supplying the fluids, enzymes, and vitamins that we continuously require. While juicing, fruits and vegetables do not come into contact with heat and air well it depends on type of juicer you use. So using mastication juicing machines, in particular, is an excellent way of retaining all the nutrients that fruits and vegetables contain.

No nutritional value gets lost during juicing unlike the case with blending. Juiced beverages are rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which play a relevant role in the health equation. These nutrients limit free radicals within our bodies. Blending cannot fully release nutrients found in green products such as tomatoes, berries, beetroot, and grapes.

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