Why Gardening is the Perfect Hobby

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When I turned 50 back in 2017 I had the natural freak-out which so many must have, pondering how I have spent, or misspent my life, and pledging to spend the next decade putting things back on track. I began reading this website here and specifically the article about bucket list items. I had never made a bucket list and so I began to draw one up. Beyond the places in the world which I wanted to see, it suddenly dawned on me that I had never really had a hobby, and so that was added to the list.

It was in fact during my trip to the pyramids when I found this article about gardening products, https://www.octopot.com/greenhouse-farming.html, after reading abut the benefits of greenhouse gardening I knew that this would be the perfect hobby for me, 2 bucket list items ticked off at once. I have since fallen in love with gardening and this is why it I believe it to be the perfect hobby.

Corner of the World

There is something so incredibly relaxing about gardening and when you are actually doing it you feel as far removed from the world as you can possibly be. The only thing that exists when you are in the greenhouse or the garden is you and the natural life which surrounds you, a truly blissful place to be. If you read this article here now, you’ll see just how important it is to de-stress and one of the best ways which I have found is to get the gloves on and head out into the garden. Relaxing, peaceful and rewarding.


Something which I really love about gardening is that other than building structure for the garden, it is something which cannot be hurried, after all plants and vegetables grow at their own pace, which gives this hobby a real longevity. What I most enjoy is that this is a project, one which you must plan well for and one which does occupy your thoughts very often. I have always felt that one must have a project in one’s life because it gives you something to aim for, something to work for and in truth, something to get out of bed for.


After two years of hustling away in our little garden it looks absolutely great and that is something which fills me with an enormous sense of pride. Whenever the grandkids are playing out there or when we have a party, or even when my wife and I are watching the sun go down outside, I look at my garden and feel so proud that the reason it looks great is because of the work which was completed by my very own hands. It is only when you see the results that you understand all of your work was worthwhile, and this inspires you to keep it up.

If you are looking for a new hobby, gardening could very well be the answer.

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