I Went To Laos and I Didn’t Get Messed Up

When Laos is mentioned amongst the backpacking faithful, most people think of getting wasted on buckets and tubing with many-a-beer. I feel absolutely no shame in admitting that I was the Mary Poppins of backpackers when I visited Laos for my Thai visa run, earlier this year. (Although I did try a few cheeky ‘Beer Laos,’ I just didn’t do the ‘when in Laos…’ thing).

I never made it to Vang Vieng (which is a shame because I hear it’s beautiful in parts). I stayed in Vientiane for a couple of days and I rented a bike. And not a big, bad, macho motorbike. I mean an actual bicycle.


I wanted to rent a motorbike, but considering the embassy had my passport for a few days – I couldn’t rent one (food for thought for the educational visa visiting traveller). I didn’t end up being too devastated though because the city is pretty stunning to see by bike. Perfect, in fact.

That's not me, by the way.
That’s not me, by the way.

I frequented a tasty vegan restaurant called ‘Reunion Cafe’ and I ate the abundance of sweet potato street food. Oh yeeeah, shit got wild I tell you!

Danger-Shagging: Optional, But Not Recommended

A little tip for the randy travelling chaps; it’s illegal to have sex with a Laotian girl. So keep it in your pants, lads. I can’t imagine a Laos prison being the most fun cultural experience. 😉

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