Unleash The Phileas Fogg In Yourself And Travel the World

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How long do you think it would take you to travel round the world, let’s say from London to London? In the famous book written by Jules Verne it took Phileas Fogg 80 days to circumnavigate the globe, and that was back in 1873, so you can imagine that things would be slightly sped up given our technological advancements when it comes to our travel options. Phileas Fogg made the journey using steam boats and trains only, but what does that trip look like in the modern world? Betway have been doing some digging into how someone’s journey around the world may look.


As you can well imagine flying is the best way to get from London to London, following the same course as the great traveler from Jules Verne’s story. During this trip passengers will cover a whopping distance of 27,788 miles from start to finish, which would be expected to take 3.3 days. This timing has included the stop offs and they will also be required to take 3 trains in order to successful navigate this journey.


Driving is of course an option but it couldn’t be done solely in the car and would also require trains and/or boats in order to help execute the full trip. In total if you opted to drive from London to London following Fogg’s route you would be totaling up a mileage of 31,925 miles, one can only imagine the amount of money that would cost in fuel prices.


You may think that the train is a speedy option but given the lack of rail networks through areas such as the Middle East, you will be slowed down greatly with this method of transportation. The total distance if you were to opt for the train journey is 35,547 miles. The stickler with the train is that other modes of transport will have to be used in order to follow the right route, and the research shows that you’d have to use other transport on 21 occasions if you go by rail.


Understandably the boat is the slowest mode of transport which we have on the list and whilst it is shorter in terms of distance at just 28,413 miles, the total journey time would take around 72 days, not far off what Phileas himself did. If you were to choose to sail you would have to use other transport on 3 occasions in order to make your way all the way back to London following the same route.

And so to sum up we can see that the plane will take just 80 hours over a distance of 27,788 miles, the boat would be a 72 day trek over 28,413 miles of sea, the train would see you travers the globe in 31 days over a distance of 35,547 miles and driving would take you 24 days as you drive the 31,925 miles from London to London. Phileas’ trip may have taken 80 days for him to complete the 40,765 journey, and 150 years on we can now recreate this route in less time, over less distance, and likely with far less danger!

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