Travellers & Mauritius: 10 Tourist Spots To Add In Your Bucket List

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Situated in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a country in the African continent that boasts scenic views of pristine beaches and white sands. It is a great travel destination to tourists and adventure seekers because of its diverse sceneries, both mountainous areas, and beach waters.

It is a major tourist destination in the world due to its tropical climate. The country was even awarded as one of the world’s best island destination and considered as one of the best beaches in the world. Check to know more about the top adventures and travelling tips when visiting Mauritius.

If you are an adventure seeker and a tropical-loving type of person, it should be one of the countries that you need to visit. And when you’ve finally decided to hop on the plane and go for the trip, here are some tourist spots in the country you should never miss:

  1. Ile Aux Cerfs

Located in the east coast of Mauritius is the famous Ile Aux Cerfs. It is described as a picture-perfect place and showcases the clear and blue beaches and lagoon, palm trees, and white sands—just like you see in a postcard.

It is a privately owned island, but since it is one of the country’s top attractions, it is open to the public. You can spend your day for relaxation like snorkeling, kayaking or even picnic by the beach. But if you want some adrenaline rush, there are activities and facilities you can do like flyboard and sea kart adventure.

  1. Black River Gorges National Park

If you find yourself tired of the beach and want a change of scenery, go and explore the Black River Gorges National Park. It is the largest national park of Mauritius where you can see rainforests, waterfalls, canyon, mountains—all in one place.

You can explore the entire site by hiking and trekking. You will keep walking in awe and will never get tired of the view.

  1. Chamarel Waterfall

If you want to see its enchanting side, visit the highest waterfalls of the country—the Chamarel Waterfall. You don’t need to worry about the possible danger during the hike on the way to the top of the waterfalls. Only professional tour guides are allowed to supervise the trekking tours made in the site.

  1. Ganga Talao

Ganga Talao, or also known as the Grand Bassin, is an interesting landmark in the country. It is a lake located in the mountainous area of Savanne. It houses a holy site of Lord Shiva and a place of worship for Hindus in Mauritius.

During your visit, make sure to observe proper attire and decorum as a sign of respect in the place and the community.

  1. Chateau de Labourdonnais

This attraction is a privately-owned property with luscious sugar cane field and beautiful orchard with tropical fruits. The main attraction of the place is a Victorian mansion that represented the architecture and rich Mauritian culture during the 19th century.

  1. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden

If you are staying in Port Louis on your entire Mauritius trip, this local garden is one of the famous tourist attraction near the capital of the city. It is the oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere and famous for its giant water lilies. The garden was named after the first prime minister of Mauritius.

  1. Piton De La Petite Riviere Noire

If you are more adventurous and loves nature and outdoors, hiking the tallest mountain of Mauritius should top off your bucket list. The hiking trip will showcase the natural beauty of the country, displaying various land types—flatland rich in vegetation, mountains, and lush green hills.

  1. Pieter Both

The second highest mountain in the country, Peter Both attracts a lot of tourists due to its distinct feature. There is a gigantic rock formation in its summit that resembles a human head. It also houses one of the world’s rarest palm species, Hyoporbe amaricaulis.

The trekking does not only involve walking but rock climbing as well, a big bonus for hikers who love challenging trails.

  1. Pereybere, Le Morne and Flic and Flac Beaches

Beach lovers will rejoice as Mauritius owns a lot of beach stretches throughout the country. Most of the beaches are open to the public, and everyone has their preference. Nonetheless, they all represent the calm and tranquil beauty of the country which attracts a lot of tourists every year.

  1. Casela World of Adventures

If you are visiting the country together with your kids, visiting this amusement park should be one of your travel itineraries. If you want to experience some safari adventure and various sightseeing of wild animals, then this is the place for you.

Mauritius is a small country, but it sure has a lot to offer. Because of its diverse environment types, there are a lot of activities that you can do. Whether you are looking for relaxation or a challenge, visiting this country is an experience of a lifetime.

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