Travel Gear for Men: A Pro List (After a Decade On The Road!)

Travel gear for men who enjoy of all types of adventure.
Finding the right travel gear for men: My aim is to hit the sweet spot between efficiency and comfort.

After 8 years on the road taking me to over 100 countries, I have noticed that I’ve committed a cardinal sin of travel blogging by not publishing a single article about what travel gear I take with me on my adventures. This is more catered towards travel gear for men, but women can still get some value out of the list and also my site with articles written by other women such as this:

Best Travel Backpack for Women: Top Picks For Women Who Wander

My way of travelling has evolved over the years. It’s much more adventurous nowadays in terms of physical activity and going off the beaten path, but with all that said much of the gear on my list will be beneficial to all sorts of travellers.

I have left out my mountain climbing gear that I am using to climb the Seven Summits (for now) as that seems a bit too niche, but I’ve added my favourite hiking gear, tech gadgets and other helpful items.

Travel Gear For Men Who Travel

My Travel Bags Collection

Bear in mind that I don’t always travel the same way. Sometimes I climb mountains and hike, other times I like to go old school and get my backpack on and visit new places. I take smaller bags for shorter trips and I love a bit of luxury travel too.

Some notes about the bags below: I have my North Face Surge with me on every trip, whether I am taking my suitcase or backpack. All my valuables that are with me go in there and it is stowed underneath or on top of whichever mode of transport I am on.

I take rolling luggage with me when I’m being fancy, and my backpack when I’m feeling more adventurous (this is the most travelled out of the two; I find it more logistically friendly especially when I’m visiting developing nations).

The Cabin Zero I’ll take when I’m going away somewhere for a few days. You get more bang for your buck with it in terms of size compared to other carry-on backpacks and it is designed to be eligible for carry-on luggage for all airlines.

Cabin Zero Classic Pro 42L

North Face Surge

Samsonite Rolling Suitcase

Osprey Fairpoint 70 Travel Backpack

NOMATIC 40L Travel Bag


Backpack vs Suitcase: Choosing the Best Type for Your Trip

Choosing the Best Travel Backpack for Your Trip: A Detailed Guide

A Guide to Choosing the Best Rolling Luggage for Travel in 2019


My Travel Gear

LifeStraw Water Filter

GRAYL Geopress Water Purifier 

Eagle Creek Travel Packing Cubes

Luxury Travel Pillow

The Best Sleeping Eye Mask

High-Quality Ear Plugs

Buff Multifunctional Headwear

My Hiking Gear List

Lightweight Sleeping Bag (Perfect for camping at warmer weathers)

Sleeping Bag Liner (Take with above for if too chilly. Barely takes up any room at all!)

Extreme Cold Weather (-30 Degrees) Sleeping Bag

Gore-Tex Hiking Boots






2 X Buff (As Above)

My Travel Clothing

5 Pairs of Boxers

2 Pairs of Breathable Sports Socks

1 Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

1 Smart Black Shirt

5 T-Shirts

Cargo Pants

Lightweight Jeans



Tech Gadgets for Travellers

Small Power Bank

Large Portable Power Bank

iPhone X

. Old iPhone 7 (As Backup)

Universal Travel Adapter

Kindle Paperwhite

Beats by Dre Headphones

Bose Wireless Portable Speaker

My Travel Photography Gear

Sony RX100 VI Camera

Tripod and Bluetooth Remote

GoPro 7

Medicines and Supplements that I Travel with

Deva Multivitamin 





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