Travel Frustration: How To Handle It When Your Hand Isn’t Enough

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Sex is human, and having a sex drive is just part of life. Of course, you’ve probably heard the overused myth that men think about sex once every seven seconds – which obviously isn’t true. The reality is that men think about sex about 34 times a day. Even though women think about sex about half that much, everyone still has a sex drive, and sometimes your hand just won’t cut it. It can be frustrating being in a relationship while on the road, but it’s just part of life. So here are some tips on managing your sex drive as a single, heterosexual man on your solo travels.

Silicone Is Your Friend

If you have a highly active libido or even if you find yourself frustrated most nights when you’re alone in a hotel, buy a sex toy. There’s a stereotype about blokes who own masturbation sleeves being crude or antisocial, but that just isn’t true. Sometimes, you need to relax, and your hand just won’t cut it. That’s where toys for male masturbation come in: it’s not possible to bring someone home every night, and the Fleshlight is a great alternative. The best sex toy brands use silicone or a silicone-based product like SuperSkin, designed to feel like the real thing. It’s easy to clean, and most of all, it makes you feel good – after all, that’s the whole point. You can get discreet sleeves for travel (no awkward questions going through security!) that still make you feel great. Of course, you probably already have lube, but remember to use it with your sex toys, too. Think about it this way: you’re traveling to make yourself happy – why not make it easier on yourself?

Meeting Women On Your Travels

Sometimes, of course, what you really want is the real thing: there’s no shame in admitting that, either. Heterosexual men like women, and we want to have sex with women. Unfortunately, sex tourism – traveling for the purpose of picking up women – is a growing industry, but meeting women while you’re traveling isn’t impossible, nor is it a bad thing – you can still sow your wild oats. Having a drink at the bar the locals frequent can be a good introduction to a night with a beautiful woman. Just remember, don’t be shy.

Sexual frustration, though we don’t talk about it much, can be as much part of your travels as flight delays or beautiful landscapes. You’re not a sex fiend – you don’t need sex all the time – but it’s human to feel sexually aroused, and if you don’t have an outlet for that arousal, it can turn into frustration. Getting a sex toy can improve your mood on your travels, and of course, don’t forget about foreign women.

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