Top Tips for a Better Golf Game

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Practicing playing golf is a great way to get your numbers improving, though just trying the same things won’t give the best chance at success. In this article, we’ll be giving you some golf tips that can get you playing better than ever.

Work on your Grip

Your hand placement on the grip will change how you will hit and follow through on the ball. Many golfers never really work on their placement, while trying a lot of other techniques. Undoubtedly the biggest impact on your golf game can come from just moving your hands.

You can work with a tutor or pro on these basics, as they’ll very quickly be able to tell you how you can get more power. This can be done in just a single lesson, so you wouldn’t need to spend a lot in order to get professional advice.

Use your Full Body

Even though your arms are what’s doing the swinging, you need to use your whole body when you golf. If you’re only using your arms then you will probably struggle to get the power that you need for a lot of courses. This can also lead to an injury, as you’re using the wrong part of your body to power the swing.

There are a lot of common golf injuries that can occur if you’re not positioned or playing correctly. These can end up putting you out of the game for weeks, at which time you won’t be getting to practice.

Get the Right Equipment

If you’re using the wrong equipment, like the wrong clubs or shoes, then you may be inadvertently be weakening your game. Check out retailers like The Golf Warehouse to get an idea of the best equipment for you. This will show you just how many options there are out there!

Before you go ahead and buy, you can borrow different equipment that is best for you. That way, you can find out if shorter clubs work for you, before you go ahead and buy a full set of them.

Practice your Short Game

We see some brilliant golfers getting off the green with a great start, but they just can’t perform in the short game. This is difficult for golfers, as they would rather work on their long game but the short game lets them down. Get your putter out, even if it’s in the office or at home, and then you can practice.

You can even use a mug as a hole and then approach it from different directions. Then, any time you have a spare five minutes you can give it a go. This means you don’t need to head out onto the green to play, so there’s no excuse not to practice a little each day.

Getting better at golf is possible for most players, as we could all use a bit of practice. Using these tips, you can look for areas to improve – whether that’s your own technique or the equipment that you’re using.

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