Top 5 Secret Destinations on Earth Only Accessible By Foot

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It’s time to boldly go where no car has been before. Put your best foot forward and take a walk on the wild side.

We’re going to show you some amazing places that you can only get to by walking. Hiking boots and backpacks at the ready? If so, you’re good to go to one of our five secret destinations.

1. The Narrows, Utah

This is one of America’s most spectacular canyons. Located in Zion National Park, it’s renowned for its imposing walls with ochre hues that change in tone with the light.

The best way to visit is on a full day’s hike but this can be extended to two days with the right permit. Add a little glamor and luxury to your trip by combining it with a stay at a Deer Valley lodging located in one of Utah’s premier resorts.  

2. Mont-Saint-Michel, France

No visit to Normandy is complete without a stroll over to the Benedictine Abbey that perches on Mont-Saint-Michel. The rocky outcrop features on the Bayeux tapestry and was once used as a prison.

Originally built on dry land, changes in sea levels now mean it’s cut off from the mainland. The only way to reach the island now is on foot along a causeway just over half a mile long and which is revealed at low tide

3. Stromboli, Italy

This is a small island off the north coast of Sicily. One of Italy’s three active volcanoes is located there. The walk to the top, eruptions permitting, begins on the black sands of the beaches.

The ascent passes through surroundings that become more bleak and rocky. As you reach the summit, the craters come into view.

Clouds of smoke constantly belch from the volcano, with larger eruptions not uncommon. Remember, when you’re hiking to remote locations to carry a copy of your travel insurance certificate with you. You don’t want to get caught out.

4. The Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

This is close to the town of Monteverde. It’s renowned for its amazing vegetation.   The reserve has a great network of hiking trails with a variety of suspension bridges which link them together.

This lets walkers get the experience of trekking through the forest’s canopies. Much of the country’s wildlife can be found here, making for a truly unique experience.

Costa Rica and conservation go hand in hand. The country prides itself in its care for the environment.  

5. Preikestolen, Norway

Called ‘the Pulpit Rock,’ the sheer cliff of Preikestolen stands almost two thousand feet above the Lysefjord fjord. The breathtaking views can only be seen by taking a hike of almost six kilometers to the viewing plateau. 

The region is full of spectacular fjords and lush valleys and is one of the areas in the country most visited by tourists. 

Discover the World’s Secret Destinations 

It’s great to get off the beaten track. Get to know some of the world’s secret destinations from volcanoes to areas of outstanding natural beauty.

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