Things to Do When Delayed at the Airport

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Being delayed at the airport can be really annoying, inconvenient and boring. It is wise to make sure that you do things during the delay to make it more interesting. Sitting and watching the monitors for hours and hours will not be much fun and there are a lot of more interesting things that you can do instead. You will also feel less stressed if you are not concentrating on and thinking about the delay all of the time. It is therefore good to find something to do.


Reading can be a great way to pass the time. Getting involved in something, whether it is a newspaper, magazine or book can help time to pass more quickly and give you something completely different to think about. It is good to bring one with you if you can, but otherwise there will be somewhere to buy one or someone to borrow one from. It can be wise to see if you can swap reading material with other people if the delay is really long as you will both then have something new to look at. When you select a book make sure that it is something that you are confident that you will enjoy as you may need to read all of it if the delay is a really long one.


Having a look around the airport can be a good use of your time. Walking around can help to stretch your legs and give you a bit of exercise which is better than doing a lot of sitting down. You will get to see a lot more as well, which can be much more interesting.  You can look out of the windows and see what is going on outside, watch different people rushing about and look at the building. It can just give you the opportunity to do something different which could be what you need.


Going in the shops can be entertaining too. There are often a selection of different types of shops and so you should find some that suit your taste. You do not have to buy anything as just wandering through the shops and seeing hat is available should be entertaining enough. If you carefully study everything on sale, this should take up a good chunk of time. Do not be tempted to buy too much though as you will have to take it with you and you may regret it. It could also be earer than you could get it elsewhere. It can be better to go to a newsagents and read books or the papers without buying anything, if you can manage it.


Eating and drinking can be a good way to get rid of the boredom and help you to feel refreshed. If you have been waiting a while, you could find that you are really hungry and thirsty. Sitting in a café, with something different to look at and some food to eat can be a big help in breaking up what you are doing and relieving some of the boredom. You could find that there is a choice of cafes to go to and so you could spend some time looking at the menus of both and deciding which to go to or have a coffee in different ones and compare them. Try not to have too much to eat as you could end up feeling uncomfortable on the plane though.

Get compensation

It can be a good idea to ask the airline about compensation. There are different rules depending on what countries you are flying to and from and where the airline is based, but it could be the case that you will be able to claim some compensation. This might be in the form of food vouchers or even a hotel room or you may have to claim money back afterwards. It is good to ask about it as the airline staff will know and not only will it allow you know what you entitled to and you can decide what you might do, it will also pass the time while you talk to the staff about it.


having a nap can pass time but also allow you to feel better. Sitting around can be very tiring and can make you grumpy and so if you have a nap you can recover and feel better. You may worry about missing your flight if you are asleep, but you can always ask someone to wake you up. You will also need to make sure that your bags are close by and cannot be tampered with, perhaps by sitting on them or putting them under your chair. If there are several of you then you could take turns in having a nap and the others could keep a check on what is happening with the flight and watch the bags.

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