The industry is booming like no other, sex dolls are coming

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From using a dating app to having an AI sex doll that understands human gestures and holds sexiest conversations, technology and sexuality are becoming increasingly intertwined. And the technology has changed our perception about the sex a lot in the last decade.

Sex dolls offer many benefits, they are on call any time you feel frisky, they are fully devoted to your needs and do not pass sexually transmitted diseases.

Sex on demand

Not everyone wants to deal with the complexities of human relationships, and love dolls allow them to enjoy sexual relationships with no strings attached. The most realistic sex dolls allow you to have sex on demand, and you can use and abuse them to your heart’s content without any nagging from them whatsoever.

Do anything dirty with them

The lifelike sex dolls allow men to fulfill their wildest fantasies as they may have some physical complex that makes them uncomfortable with a real women, while with a life size sex doll, they can comfortably do anything they want as the realistic sex doll will never embarrass them for anything, and they can do anything dirty with her without any feeling of retribution or guilt. The world’s leading sex doll manufacturer WM Dolls sells 2000 dolls every month, and we have more players like Joy Love Dolls that roll out a variety of customized sex dolls every day for their worldwide clients.

AI sex dolls that imitate sexual emotions

A true AI sex doll might track the user’s eyes to see where they’re looking, respond to facial expressions and even initiate the actions that the user enjoys. It could learn the most favorite sexual positions of the owner, ask and respond to questions during the sexual activities and perform the intimate sexual emotional work that real human partners do.

Sex doll brothels opening up all over the world

Lumidolls, which opened the world’s first sex robot brothel in Barcelona, is now looking for opening franchises in other countries. In fact, the brothel sees wives bringing their husbands to sex robot brothels to keep them from cheating, as when their husbands have sex with a doll, they are technically not cheating and not breaking any infidelity law.

People having preference to TPE partners

With the rise of AI sex dolls with voice and gesture recognition capabilities, new sex dolls are becoming more human like, that’s the reason they are no longer perceived as taboo, just like dildo is no longer a taboo. No wonder, we may have men and women with preference to TPE sex dolls, as they become mainstream. We have people having multiple sex dolls that they even take with them to dinner, or regularly get themselves photographed with their animated partner.

No wonder then that sex dolls are gaining popularity among the men and women all over the world. True, sex dolls can’t substitute real human beings, but for that you have your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend and family.

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