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Surfing can obviously be a great choice of water activityifyou wish to get the best thrills of your life especially duringthe upcoming holidays. But in order to make the enjoyment a perfect one, there is a need to go with the best surfing boards that can all be the best in terms of the quality.

Factors affecting the board choice

These are some of the great info on surfboard factors that can guide one in surfboard selection.

Experience level

The experience level of the surfer can be categorizedto the beginner, intermediate or the advanced surfer.

Beginner: This is for those who have never tried surfing or maybe have experience only for a few times. It is very important to know that you have to ride waves with the right foot.

For board selection,we recommend to go with the longer-size board. This isbecause they arewider, far stable, are wave-catching and perfect to learn flotation. Surfing is often considered a lifelong pursuit.

Intermediate: At this stage, you are already feeling comfortable with the activity of water riding, catching waves and many other water thrills. This will be the best time to switch from a longboard to the somewhatsmaller board. Theyarebest in terms of the shortboard or fish kind. A funshape is a perfect option since it comes between the shortboard and longboard style. There is a need to go with the smaller, performance-styled longboard as it comes with the bells and whistles meant for the perfect nose rides.

Advanced: At this stage,you can choose to go with any of the shapesyou wish to go for.

Weight- thesignificant factor

Weight can be a crucial factor in selecting a board. When someone proves to be a light person weighing under 200lbs, it is best to go with smaller boards that ease the activity of paddling and turning. The ones with heavier weight can choose to go with the longer and thicker board. There is always a need to go with the larger size surfboard when someone is a mere beginner.

The wave type:

The assessment of the wave types is also very important. Most of the waves are in the range of 1’ to 4′. In case one proves to be sloweror waves appeared to be mushier, then there is a need to go with the longboards.

When someone wishes to go with the steeper and hollower wave, it will be a better choice to go with the shortboard that comes in smaller size. They are the best in terms of the geometry to ensure that it can climb on the steep wave face.

Fitness level

Surfing is a sport. There is obviously an involvement of a lot of fitness. A person with the strength and agility, who also happens to havelots of experience with skateboarding, wakeboarding, as well as the mind-blowing snowboarding,will learn and perform better than others.

When onedoes not have much experience, thenit is better to go with the longer board. A mini-long or longboard cab also serve perfectly well with the floatability, stability, as well as catching waves. The thrills are even better with the funshape, the bigger style shortboard as well as the dashboards.

No matter the fitness level or the experience level, it is still very important to practice surfing daily. This is the best to learn basics about the ocean, the skills for catching waves and riding the face.

The perfect size of the surfboard:

Lightweight, strong and supportive.They also vary in colors, size as well as the styles.

7 to 12 feet Gun: they are thin, in the form of the needle nose templates. They are perfectly shaped for the paddling with the larger, faster waves.

9 to 12 feet longboard: they usually hail with the curved nose. The length is extended. They also have a single fin and tapering end.

7 to 9 feet hybrid board: they give access to the better mobility in water. There are about 1 to 3 fins.

5.5 to 7 feet shortboard: this gives the excellent mobility. This is the finest one for the sharp cuts. They are specially styled for the trained person.

6 to 8.5 feet EGG: they are rounded. This is the perfect hybrid longboards. This can be the best for the beginners.

Fish under 7 feet: they are used for the riding of small waves. They are in the form of the swallow tail shape and can ease mobility to a great extent.

5 to 6 feet Town-In: they are the best fit for the big waves surfing. They are also the best to get the access to swelling wave and travel them with high speeds.


We think that the Liquid shredder 70 FES is the perfect yet classic surfboard. They weigh about 14 pounds. The measurement is about  84 x 20 x 2.75 inchesand give the best mobility. The presence of the anti-slippery texture is remarkable.

Besides that, they are flexible and has a holding capacity ofup to 200 poundsthat isremarkable. There is also the availability of the textured foot pads. They are also the best in terms of the technology design.With some of the best surfboards mentioned in this article, you can now relax and enjoy the best thrills with the riding of the waves. It is now the right time to choose the perfect board for yourself.

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