A Guide to Choosing the Best Rolling Luggage for Travel in 2021

Best rolling luggage
The best rolling luggage: Guide

Choosing the best luggage for your trip can be a complicated business, but it doesn’t have to be. Around 4 years ago, after 5 years of backpacking, I decided that although my beloved backpack and I had built up a solid history together, it was about time I grew up and got myself a suitcase.

A suitcase on wheels, in fact.

I have never looked back and having the two gives me a lot more options on my travels. If you’ve found yourself reading this article you are probably already sold on rolling luggage as opposed to the old-fashioned pick-up-and-lug-around suitcases of the past.

Before we look at the best rolling suitcases on the market at the moment, let’s look at why you should travel with a rolling suitcase and what to look for in one for that extra peace of mind.

Why you should travel with a rolling suitcase

I am a passionate backpacker but travelling with a rolling suitcase does come with many positives. For a start, you will have protection from theft as the fabric, particularly the hard-shell case can’t be slashed. Also, packing will also be easier; it take away a lot of stress in terms of space and the 50/50 split will help you organise and find your gear.

And, of course, a well-designed, rolling suitcase will be better for your back, with less strain on your back and shoulders.

What to look for in a rolling suitcase

Gone are the days where a rolling suitcase could only go in one direction and you’d be terrified of the handle falling off in your hands. Nowadays, the best rolling suitcases come with a spinner system, meaning that the wheels stand upright so that they can be pulled next to you or roll alongside you as you simply glide it to where you want to go.

Shoot for a rolling suitcase with 4 wheels, not 2.

It’s also wise to get a hard-shell rolling suitcase as this will give you extra security (less chance of unscrupulous characters breaking into it), and it also adds an extra layer of protection to your gear inside your luggage which you will be able to take more of as you don’t have to worry about all the weight being on your back.

It also survives the test of time against baggage handlers who often throw luggage around – these things can take a serious bit of abuse.

Another bonus to hard-shell rolling suitcases, which I never hear people mention, is that they act as a comfy seat when you’re in a queue. Stand them upright and you can perch your bum on them while you wait, resting your tired feet (even better for your kids if you travel with the family).

I also put my coffee or beer on top as a shelf if needed. If I do spill anything down it, then I can wipe away any liquids thanks to the hard-shell cover.

Now you’re even more team ‘Rolling Luggage’, with all the above factors in mind about what makes the best rolling suitcase. Next, let’s take a look at those with the best bragging rights on the market at the moment.

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If you choose any of the above, they won’t let you down. Feel free to take a look at my Full Travel Gear List to see which rolling suitcase is my personal favourite.

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