The Best Expeditions Cruises in South America

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Exploring the vibrancy of South America can be overwhelming. Your tour never gets dull with the many unique destinations and activities. However, your vacation is likely to end with many unexplored places and events. For a wholesome exploration of the Amazon, you better book a cruise.

With the many tributaries pouring into the Amazon River and their connectivity to amass of breathtaking sceneries and cities, a cruise is always worth every penny. If you want a worthwhile experience, you’ll need to pick the right cruise-tour. Go through our best expedition cruises for a supreme tour of South America and visit book one.

Bolivia Delightful

With the Bolivian tour, you’ll start your cruise from the magnificent Copacabana, a town hugging the shores of Lake Titicaca. With fishing excursions at the Mamoire River and hikes at the Inca trail, the cruise is one of its kind. Apart from fishing, experience the beauty of Isla Del first hand and rock the Chinkana ruins for a little lesson in archaeology. You’ll complete your cruise at the Amazon River after going for horse rides and exploration of rare fauna species in the Amazon forest.

Manaus-Amazon Cruise

The Amazon cruise begins right after you set foot at the Manaus Airport. As a cruise to the heart of the Amazon Forest River and forest, expect breathtaking lush vegetation kissing the Amazon River, and exclusive interaction with dazzling bird species and the Amazonian monkeys. You’ll scour the shorelines of the Amazon for extraordinary creatures, and plenty of activities will keep you entangled the whole day. From boating to kayaking to fishing, to canopy walks, the cruise oozes with enchantment.

Peru 360 Tour

You’ll start your tour with a taste of traditional Lima culinary and taking some pisco winemaking classes at the El Bovariano restaurant. Then visit the white city, La Ciudad Blanca in Arequipa, built with sillar, a white volcanic stone. The town, a historic center, and a UNESCO heritage site will astound you with its magnificent sceneries and deep heritage. From Arequipa, you’ll embark for Colca Canyon, a unique feature famed for spectacular Andean landscapes. Explore the Sacred Valley of Inca before boarding a bus to the Machu Picchu, an ancient architectural spectacle.

Galapagos Cruise

The Galapagos cruise is a trip enriched with wildlife and exceptional sceneries. You’ll encounter an array of wild animals that don’t shudder at the sight of humans. With the rich diversity of the Charles Darwin hub of evolution, you’ll encounter penguins, giant tortoise, and flamingos.

You can snorkel or boat to the fantastic Islands of the Galapagos. Visit all the Islands from Isabela to Santacruz, to Genovesa and experience a stunning array of flora and fauna.

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