The Beards Or Clean Shaven – Who are The Most Desirable?

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The beauty industry has grown vastly and given the constant change in trends and tastes we have to agree that many things have changed too. Earlier in the days, I mean way earlier, it would have been hard to be a Viking without your beard but now when you have that kind of beard you will almost attract the attention of the media. The today’s generation is mostly a youthful generation where most of the times they will end up in the limelight even though it’s for a fortnight and grooming is of utmost importance. We can’t afford to ignore the impact social media is having on today’s trends and fashion where at one point or another we have been forced to do something on a certain way not because we like it but simply because people ‘said’

A beard looks pretty amazing and many men will have this by default of their genes and male orientation but the question is at the end of the day who is more desirable to be around, a guy with a beard or one without. People in the entertainment industry have taken to a kind of hairy look as they have little or no restrictions. As performers, they will definitely look good but trust me most of them will drop this look after a couple of years.

On the other hand, clean shaven guys look executive. Truth be told they actually look sharp. A clean shave will go on with almost any outfit that you decide to put on. May it be an official look, a casual look, a smart casual looks or any look. If you have a Bearded Colonel subscription then you can tell of the kind of service that you get. If you don’t have then trust me you are missing on the deal of a lifetime. This is probably what you have been missing all along to get you to that cool guy look you have been aiming for. They are the best when it comes to all your shaving tools and they give you every reason to be with them.

However, there is a controversy that comes in between ladies and beards. Many ladies will claim that they love playing around with their guy’s beard and all that girlish stuff while some of them will claim that they love the youthful look and the vibrant look after they see their guy with a clean shave. However, my take on this is that it is really good to do a partial clean shave and maybe leave a goatee or a mustache just for that manly touch. The manly touch is quite important and trust me it has some kind of command.

I am a firm believer in standing out and I think that so as to up your look it is good to maintain a reasonable beard and don’t forget to groom it. Beards bring out a manly side and they are also kind of youthful for especially men with full black beard. You can also decide to have fun with your beard and add a few strands of grey hair.

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