The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Freestanding Gas Fireplace

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Fireplaces will be the focal point of your home for years to come, so choosing the kind of fireplace is a decision that should be made carefully. In this article we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a freestanding gas fireplace installed in your home.

Advantages of Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

Here are some of the advantages of freestanding gas fireplaces:

  • Energy Savings: Freestanding gas fireplaces consume less electricity that the more conventional centralised heating systems.
  • Environmentally Friendly:Not only will you save on electricity, but you will save on emissions. This is because these fireplaces are ventless models and do not cause pollution.
  • Cost-Effective: Gas fireplaces are more economical than electric fireplaces.
  • Space-Saving: Freestanding gas fireplaces come in smaller sizes, you if you have a space constraint, then there are the perfect heaters for your home.
  • Multipurpose:You can use your fireplace as a shed or garage heater and even in open areas.
  • Aesthetics:Freestanding gas heaters can add a beautiful aesthetic and give your home a unique look. They can fit into both traditionally-designed as well as more contemporary homes.
  • Warmth:One big advantage that freestanding gas fireplaces have is that they can be positioned in such a way that they radiate heat in all directions.
  • Easy and Inexpensive Installation:These heaters are easy and quick to install and cost much less than other types of fireplaces.
  • Maintenance:One of the biggest advantages of these types of fireplaces is their maintenance. Very little effort is required to maintain a freestanding gas fireplace and repairs are also not just easy but also cheap.

Disadvantages of Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

Here is a list of disadvantages of freestanding gas fireplaces:

  • Safety: If you have children or even pets, then safety could be a prime concern with such a fireplace. Since it is usually placed in the centre of a room, it could be dangerous for both your human as well as fur babies. You could place the heater in the corner of the room and place a fireguard around it, but that would reduce its effectiveness.
  • Cumbersome: Freestanding gas fireplaces are usually placed in the centre of a room for maximum effectiveness. This could become a little cumbersome as you would need to navigate around them to get about in that room.
  • Unpredictable Gas Bills:Since these fireplaces run on natural gas, you will need to keep an eye on the price of natural gas. If the price of this fuel fluctuates too much, you will find it difficult to estimate what your utility bills will be from month to month.
  • Fire Hazard:As with any fuel-based device, there is always a risk of fire. When you use your fireplace, you need to ensure that you follow all safety precautions. Added to that you need to ensure that the insulation you are using is of the highest quality. This will help reduce the danger of a fire.
  • Gas Can Run Out:Since these fireplaces run on gas, you will need to make sure that you have enough gas to keep the heater going. You will need to get the LPG tank refilled regularly to ensure that you can use your gas fireplace whenever you need.

However, you also need to remember that the amount of fuel consumption will depend on the temperature at which the fireplace is set, and also how long you are keeping it on.

Once you start using a freestanding gas fireplace regularly you will know how much fuel you will need based on your consumption.

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