Tanning peptide- Benefits of artificial tanning

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These days’ people had developed the trend of tanning their body to look like a particular star. There are some people who want to tan their skin artificially, but they do not know how to tan their skin without sun rays. Tanning you get from sunrays are harmful, and tanning from UV light can develop deadly melanomas as well as carcinomas on your skin. Thus, experts have develops the products that can help you tan without sunrays. Tanning peptide is available in the market you can buy them from the online shop and use it to get a fake tan. This is not only safer for your skin but also healthy.

Artificial tanning– when you use artificial methods for getting golden as well as the tanned skin it is known as artificial tanning. Without spending a number of hours in the sun, one can easily get a natural looking tan on the body. This way anyone can easily develop better skin tone. Artificial tanning method includes the use of tanning booth, horizontal bed, tanning spray, tanning lotion, etc.

  • Tanning booth-in this method you go inside the booth as well as stands while UVB and UVA start to turn your skin golden. This method uses artificial light to darken your skin.
  • Tanning spray-in professional salon this method is used where spray booth or airbrush is used. All you need to stand in the booth where spray will come out of tanning bronzer nozzle. The specialist or technician performs the method.
  • Tanning lotion-this is the cheapest method to get the tan. All you need to do is to buy the lotion and apply it on your skin.

Here you will get to know what all benefits you get from artificial tanning.


  • Reduce visibility of scars and stretch marks-when you use tanning peptide you will be able to make scars and stretch mark less prominently visible on your skin. Scars are usually darker than your skin color this makes them visible on your skin. Thus, if you darken your skin tone, those scars will blend with tanning and get hidden.
  • Sometimes due to jaundice or other medical condition scars and part of skin color changes. If using artificial tanning, you can mute the yellowish skin tone with darker skin tone.
  • No sunbath needed-you are saved from the harmful UV radiation which you get from taking sunbath under sunlight. In artificial tanning, process lamps are used that emit ESB energy, and these lamps are labeled by IARC which prove them to be non-carcinogenic. Thus, you do not develop skin related diseases as well as skin cancers if you use these artificial tanning products.
  • Vitamin D production-vitamin D is essential for our body which we get from the sunlight. But usage of artificial tanners can also help in the production of the vitamin when you use the tanning bed in the proper manner that helps you produce ten thousand IUs of the vitamin D in 10 minutes.

These are some of the benefits of using the artificial tanning but know we will discuss that how to use only tanning peptide and Melanotan 2 as well what are the advantages that a person get from using it.

How to use this drug-

Melanotan is available in powder form and to create injection, it is needed to be mixed with sterile water. Once you open the seal of the power box, you are needed to keep it in the dark and cold place or refrigerator. Take lower doses of it in the beginning as advisable. By taking lower doses, you will get to know that whether your body is able to tolerate the drug or not. Once, tolerance for a drug is developed you can increase doses. Also, it is important to note that the effect of this drug depends on the body size, color, etc.

Advantages of tanning peptide

  • Boost stamina-along with making your skin look golden and tanned, the tanning peptide boost your stamina. The body stamina is something which is needed while you are in the gym. Thus, take this supplement and also boost your stamina and stay fit.
  • Reduces body weight– you may use Melanotan 2as it will reduce yours over the weighted body. When you take this drug, your appetite reduces. Thus, you can easily lose weight. It also reduces craving for junk foods and calorie. Thus, along with tanning, you get the advantage of weight loss.
  • Boost sex drive-Melanotan 2 boost the sex drive of the person and thus, he or she experiences an increase in his or her sex desire. This is another advantage you get along with tanning skin by using this drug.

What are the things to consider while you go for buying Melanotan 2 tanning peptide?

  • Buy online-online you get this supplement very easily from lovemelanotan as compared offline. Also when go for buying the product from an online shop you should look at the reviews as well as rating. And if you have any queries then ask them by contacting them.
  • Safety-for your safety you must read the pros and cons of the certain product so that afterward you do not face any kind of problem. Also if you are allergic to some drug then consult the doctors for it. Do not take the drug without asking your doctors. This might cause you harm and skin related problems. Test you are allergic to this drug or not and then go ahead for buying. Otherwise, your money will get wasted in addition to it you will face health problems.

Therefore, now you know that what are the methods for getting the fake tan? All the important aspects are discussed in this article for you to get artificial tanning. You can buy products like tanning petite or use different methods discussed and take the benefits from it. No matter what product you use better to consult doctor and specialist to know what ingredients are used or what kind of drug it is, to know about the drug before it was necessary.

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