Take Your Dogs Out for Trekking – Everything You Need to Know

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In the trekking routes we find more and more people accompanied by their faithful can. On the one hand it is wonderful, but on the other it also means more pressure on the habitat and its wildlife. Also, not everyone likes dogs and not everyone feels pleasure in sharing the route with an animal, so taking our canine companion is an extra responsibility. Their education and behavior will be key when taking them out there.

Eight Reasons to Be Accompanied By Your Canine Friend Out There

  1. Trekking is a healthy, non-competitive activity and an unparalleled way to enjoy nature. An ideal escape for urban life, its stress, its noise and environmental pollution, and also allows your body to rebalance. Doesn’t your dog deserve the same?
  2. As a dog owner you have the privilege of going with a partner who loves life in nature and will enjoy the experience as much or more than you.
  3. Your dog’s innate curiosity will make you perceive and appreciate the natural world around you to a greater extent.
  4. Your dog’s intuition will give you extra security out there.
  5. Performing this type of activities with your canine companion offers a quality time between the two, free of distractions and the needs of the day.
  6. It is a way for both you and your dog to keep fit. Jump over small rivers, run on a muddy path, or climb rocks … exercise that will make your dog happy and that you can imitate for a plus of physical preparation.
  7. Hiking can mentally benefit your dog. Natural smells, sight, sounds … a way to rejuvenate and improve the senses.
  8. This activity will also help your dog fight destructive attitudes associated with depression or boredom.

The ABC of Trekking With Dogs

  1. Appropriate behavior towards everyone on the go.
  2. Have a basic verbal repertoire and signs to communicate with him during the trekkings.
  3. It controls its impulses and its response to the stimuli that you throw at it, especially when the animal is distracted through its senses.

It is vital that the dog knows how to behave towards other humans. You must have control, for example, when someone approaches and your dog needs to jump on him or play around him. Train this at home with keywords like “NO” and teach him to keep all four legs on the ground when you consider it necessary.

In addition to training the dog to behave, it is also important to bring a GPS tracking device for dog to ensure the safety of your lovely canine. With the dog GPS tracker, you can keep track of him/her with real-time location, without worrying about getting your dog lost in the woods or mountain.

How to Prepare? What to Pack for Your Dogs Trekking Trip?

The following infographic will illustrate more tips for taking your dog for a hiking.  Keep read on.

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