Switch it up and get that beach body you’ve been working for

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With summer right on our doorstep and everyone scrambling to get as much exercise in as possible to shape their beach bodies to be the best they possibly can, it’s easy to see why everyone has a bit of an obsession with getting to the gym and getting those reps in. It can be a bit disconcerting and disheartening though when you put in the hours at the gym and don’t see the results you want to see, regardless of whether it’s losing weight, shaving off inches or even adding some impressive muscle. Read ahead for some great suggestions on how to do all three of these in record time, just in time to hit the beaches this summer!

Losing Weight

Men are typically a bit luckier in the weight loss department than women as their metabolisms are, generally speaking, a bit on the faster side than women’s are. Women have the added disadvantage of hormones fluctuating throughout the month and throughout their cycles that can add to their weight loss woes where as men don’t. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds before hitting the sand, check out these few great tips:

  • Eat a big, hearty breakfast. Sausages and eggs will fill you up and provide you the protein boost you need to keep fuller longer too.
  • Eat fat – yes! Fat! Good fats though, we aren’t talking about heading to McDonald’s to fill up there. Things like real butter are actually healthy for you and your body is designed to burn it off, unlike synthetic fats you may find in things like margarine.
  • Say no to starches, go low carb. It sounds harder than it actually is. There is a wealth of information online on how to do this well, without saying goodbye to taste and fullness.
  • Hit the gym. Building muscle actually kick starts your metabolism, helping you to burn fat hours after your workout is over.

Shaving Off Inches

Hitting the gym is the best way to start building muscle for those who are looking to tone up and get leaner. Burning fat and turning it into muscle is simply the best way to get that summer body look without having to necessarily lose any weight. Muscle weighs more than fat, so toning up is a great way to look like you have shed weight without having to. Add weights such as kettlebells or bars to your workout as well as body resistance like press ups to really target those arms, legs and abs.

Adding Muscle

If you really want to smash some muscle and build it up with speed, consider using some form of steroid. Steroids can get a bad rap from many areas of the weight loss and work out world, but can be beneficial if used correctly. Check out steroidfax.com for information on how steroids can help you achieve the beach body of your dreams in record time for this summer!

There you have a couple great suggestions on how to get your body beach ready right in time to soak up the sun this season without having to spend hundred of hours in the gym or go on a diet that takes all the spice out of life. So think of the way that works best for you with your schedule and see how getting fit for summer will help you enjoy it about a thousand times more.

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