When Are You Going To Stop Reading Other People’s Stories & Start Writing Your Own?

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You successfully achieved your daily quota of reading 15 personal growth blogs. One of them inspired you to order yet another book from the wellness section on Amazon.

It has “Soul” in the title too! Sweet baby Jesus, you’re pretty much one step of enlightenment away from the Buddha himself.

Boom – a hefty shot of dopamine catapults into your system, well done you!

Lunch time – better hop onto Instagram and catch up on your favourite motivational accounts.

Boom! Good job!

It’s bedtime and you go to make yourself a nighttime snack for that Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix that you’ve been all giddy about watching all day.

Almost…wait for it…

As you close the fridge door your eye catches sight of one of the array of positive quote fridge magnets that you have quite the collection of.

BOOM! Shake-shake-shake that God damn room, already!

Another shot of dopamine is released into your brain – what a successful day you’ve had!

Except not really.

Those mini-jolts of euphoria that you’re feeling are rewiring and tricking your reward system in the same way a porn addict’s orgasm is convincing him that he’s genuinely been shagging more women than Genghis Khan for the last few months.

When in reality he’s been focusing on other people have a hell of a good time, whilst doing nothing to enrich his own life.

Personal development masturbation is the exact same beast.

It’s all a hoax, your potential is stagnating and fridge magnets aren’t going to pay your bills, or make your dreams come true.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking inspiration for your muse and investing time and money in products that may help you find purpose and upgrade your life.

But too much paralysis by analysis along with constant inertia, will leave you with the deceptive feeling of being productive, when in reality you’re not working towards your goals or finding your own life purpose.

Here’s some real talk that the polished blogs out there will not disclose, because they’re too wrapped up on being “positive” as opposed to being honest; The truth is the Dalai Lama and co. don’t give the slightest of f**ks about you, and the even sadder truth is that you simply don’t care about yourself as much as you should.

It’s time to change that and put you first.

Before starting this blog and the life-changing chapters that ensued; I was a loser who talked, talked, talked but never did anything.

A personal growth whore, if you like.

You name it, I read it. “Feel the fear and do jack shit anyway” and all the rest.

My life became progressively pitiful each year, but I could tell you every minute detail of the people out there doing all of the cool things that I wanted to do. I convinced myself that reading was the same as doing and my reward system would get the desired proverbial thumbs up, but once the vacuous flow inevitably ran out – I was left staring reality in the face.

The truth hurt, but not half as much as the lies I told myself.

When I got on that plane to Malaysia with a one-way ticket, £1000 in my pocket and not a clue how I was going to make it all work – it was absolutely terrifying, but that was my official war cry of putting myself first and taking a gamble on my own limits. It wasn’t easy making my dreams a reality and I often questioned my own ability and even my own sanity.

I still have a soft spot for some podcasts, blogs and authors who I have bags of admiration for and I still dabble, but I spend a lot more time nowadays walking the walk. Self improvement should be a fascinating, awakening and revolutionary journey – not a harmful drug.

Like anyone – I’m still a work in progress, but I’m glad that I finally put myself first and wrote my own story.

Now it’s time for you to start writing your own.

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  1. MikeMyers Reply

    Start living in the first place to have what to write! Great thoughts! Thank you!

  2. turner Reply

    True story dude. It took me ages to start my site. Shit, just doing anything, a blog post perhaps? on a given day is a challenge. It takes discipline and a constant willingness to take the step each day. Time to get back on it.

    Ps good thing you got on that plane to Malaysia huh? Luck favors the bold.

  3. Ryan Smith Reply

    Hi Anthony

    Your post speaks the truth. A few years ago I’m an avid reader of the self-help books, clips from Jim Rohn and stuff like that.

    For a long time, I just read and listened and did nothing. And when the “bad” thought showed up, I just said to myself “Come on, man! Think something positive”.

    Until one day, I was so tired of being a loser, and others going forward. What did I have besides loads of books? Nothing. I said “F**k you all, Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins” (sorry), then I started doing something.

    Truth be told, these books are good, only if you do something and have failure and losing faith. Then these books can help you stand up again, to have faith, to fight again. But only if you commit yourself to action. Otherwise, they are just words, and nothing else.