Six Tips To Get Back On Your Feet After A Setback

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Whether it’s a bad day or a horrible year, you need to learn how to reset and start over to create a brighter future for yourself. Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and being stuck in one place for an extended period of time isn’t going to get you anywhere.

You have to be strong and smart enough to know what’s best for you, which is to get back on your feet. While it’s okay to feel down or frustrated every so often, don’t let these emotions take over and keep you from reaching your potential and destiny. You’ll want to learn what it’s going to take to move forward and be willing to take risks if you’re going to get to a better place.

Escape to Somewhere Beautiful

Traveling and going away to a beautiful destination where you can relax and think is the perfect way to help you reset. For example, seek out a 5 star resort Thailand where you can be alone with your thoughts and do some deep thinking and soul searching. Being in a new environment away from your daily responsibilities and stresses will allow you to instantly turn your negative thoughts around and you’ll become more hopeful about the future. All you may need is some time away from your normal routine to get you thinking in a new way. You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you finally return home and will be able to make a plan for going forward.

Meditate and Self Reflect

You can’t find the answers you need when your head is jumbled with racing thoughts and confusion. All it takes is meditating for a short while each day and getting your mind to slow down so you can process what’s happening in your life. Self-reflect and take note of all you’ve been through, but don’t sit and dwell on the past either. Meditation will help you to live in the moment and take life one step at a time. While it’s good to have an idea about what you want to do in the future, try to bring your thoughts back to the present and live in the now if you want to truly rearrange and be at peace. A practice such as meditation allows you to reset each day or even moment if you choose, so you’re not allowing yourself to get stuck on past events.

Talk it out

You can recharge after a setback by talking through your problems and situation with others. Find trusted friends, family members and a professional therapist who can help you work through all that’s on your mind. They’ll likely be able to offer up some good advice to you and can possibly event relate to a lot of what you’re telling them. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a shoulder to lean on and someone to listen. Holding in all your emotions will only make you feel more uneasy and stressed out in the long run. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable at a time like this and let people in who can assist and make you feel better. Bounce ideas off of others, but then make your own decision about how you want to move forward.

Set New Goals

When you’re recovering from a setback, it is a great time for you to set new goals and come up with a fresh outline of where you see yourself heading next. This is your chance to make different decisions and choose a more satisfying path for yourself. Write down your objectives and goals for the future and be specific about how you’re going to achieve each one. Review your list daily to help yourself stay on track and focused as you try to rebuild. There’s nothing wrong with scrapping old goals and setting your sights on new adventures that will make you happier.

Start Over by Finding A New Job & Moving

Getting back on your feet after a setback may require you to make major changes, but don’t be afraid of this reality. Instead, look at this as a chance to find joy and experience true satisfaction for once. Start looking for a new job in a city that’s always been appealing to you and where you can see yourself beginning again. What you may need at this point in your life is to pack up and leave your old life for a chance at embarking on an even better journey. This is an opportunity to follow what you’re passionate about and do work that you feel is worth your time and energy. You’ll also meet new people and can spend your free time exploring the location you chose to settle down in. While this may seem a particularly life-changing and nerve-wracking move, it may be exactly what you need to find yourself again.

Focus on Taking Care of you

No matter your setback, what you can’t do is let yourself go and not take care of you. Let your breaking point be the time you finally decide that you’re who’s most important in all of this and put self-care at the top of your list. Accomplish this task by eating healthy foods, getting good sleep and exercising daily to keep your wellness a top priority as you try to get back on your two feet in one piece. You’ll feel so much better when you attend to your needs first and will have more natural energy to get you through the day, which will help you stay focused on your new goals. Taking care of yourself is one task you’ll never regret attending to for as long as you live.


The good news is that there are second chances in life, so when you get one take advantage of it quickly. Reset after a setback using these suggestions for helping you get to a better place mentally, physically and emotionally. Try not to focus too much on what has happened in the past, but live in the moment and slowly start to plan out what you envision for an improved future.

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