Simple and Smart Ways to Motivate Yourself

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Has it ever happened that one day you wake up all smiles and feeling motivated, but on others, you feel low and unmotivated? Life is a series of ups and downs! Sometimes, it can be hard to find that inner drive in yourself to get things moving. However, below are some simple and smart methods that can help in motivating yourself.

Don’t Wait for Motivation to Start

Not feeling motivated to start your day? Do not wait for motivation to set in to get started! Start anyway and let motivation catch up with you afterwards. As you move on with your daily activities, notice how you start feeling motivated again. If a project or a task seems too difficult, break it down in small steps and take one by one to move forward.

Avoid Negative People

Negative and positive vibes are both contagious! To remain in a positive mind frame throughout the day, avoid negative people as far as possible. Even if they sometimes mean no harm, they can still make you feel drained while wasting your time. They tend to look only at the dark side of things. Instead, spend time with joyful and enthusiastic people and let their positive energy flow over you.

Get Motivation from Strangers

Sometimes, it is not only your near and dear ones who can motivate you. Did you know that strangers can help too? While travelling in a bus for example, strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger and notice how he/she can motivate you with his/her story. You can also read motivating books, podcasts, blogs or people’s success stories to renew your motivation. Also, let yourself be motivated while enjoying bingo, free spins slots and other games at Kitty Bingo with its cute kitty theme.

Be Kind to Yourself

Feeling down or miserable because of a failure? Don’t fall into the trap of criticising yourself when you fail! Instead, be kinder and more understanding to yourself. Learn through your setbacks and make them more constructive. Remember the lesson you learnt and use it to improve your next step. Go back on track and take a small step forward to get things going.

Play Music

As surprising as it may seem, music is very motivating! It is the simplest way to motivate yourself when you are feeling a bit low in energy. Listen to your favourite songs or go for some New Age, ambient and relaxing music. If while working you are allowed to listen to music, don’t let this opportunity slip by. Bring your MP3 player along to enjoy music during your breaks as well.

Declutter Your Workspace

Do you know that a clean and tidy workspace can also motivate you? If it is full of unnecessary clutter, take some time to clean it up. Throw away all unused papers, folders and other items. Opt for a decluttered and minimalistic workspace. It helps you to better focus on your tasks with a clear mind. It is amazing how your surroundings can affect your mind and thought process.

With these simple and smart methods, tackle your daily tasks with a more focused and clearer mind, no matter how difficult they can be. There are also many other simple ways you can adopt to motivate yourself.

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