Reasons to Fall in Love With Veneers

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I have had porcelain veneers for just over a year now and I cannot stop raving about how great they are and how great I feel. It was fate which actually forced me into this move after a period of writer’s block believe it or not. I was reading some tips on this website about beating the block, and one tip was to go for a jog. When I was out running a fell and chipped two of my front teeth. I had never been massively happy with the shape or alignment of my teeth anyway, so this was the perfect opportunity to fix the issue and improve myself, two birds with one stone. I chose to use the awesome team at Discover Dental Houston who I’d certainly recommend incidentally, and here is why I am so happy with the results which they gave me.

Smiling With Confidence

Prior to having the veneers I would never have said that I wasn’t a confident person, but since I have had this killer smile I have most certainly grown in confidence. I have noticed that in almost every photo that has been taken of me in my life, I have been smiling with my mouth closed. I was never aware of this but clearly I subconsciously felt embarrassed about my teeth. I have also noticed that I seem to speak with my mouth open much more than before, again this comes down to having the confidence in my smile, something which i never had before.

No Worries When It Comes To Staining

Unlike your original teeth, porcelain veneers are stainless, perfect for someone like me who enjoys drinking tea and coffee, as well as the occasional glass of red wine. I still clean my teeth just as religiously as before, you have to in order to keep the roots and the gums healthy, but in terms of discoloration this is something which brushing is no longer required for. My teeth are not only straight and well aligned, they are also perfectly white at all times.

Solid and Durable

Prior to the procedure I did have some concerns that my teeth would be like glass and that the first sign of a tough-to-eat piece of food and all of them would smash into a million pieces. I really needn’t have worried however as these things are rock solid and to be honest the only time that I need to look after them is when I bite into an apple or pear, other than that I eat and chew in the same way that I always have done. I will protect them with a gum-shield when playing sports but beyond that they are just as strong and durable as my original teeth were.

If you are planning on getting veneers then I’d recommend that you learn more now about the process, cost and alternative options, once you have educated yourself, go get that perfect smile!

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