Practical Home Organizing Tips

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Getting your home neat, clean and organized can feel overwhelming, which is why most people avoid doing it and end up living in a mess. In reality, this doesn’t have to be such a huge project. The solution lies in breaking up your organizing scheme into smaller tasks that will only take several minutes of your time each day.

The following tips and tricks should help you establish your own home organizing system so you can have a great looking home with minimal hassle.

Start with bedrooms

Even though we don’t spend much time in the bedroom aside from sleeping, it’s still nice and refreshing to walk into a clean and tidy room. Make it your daily habit to always make your bed, straighten the sheets and smooth out the duvet. It only takes a minute of your time but makes a huge difference.

To prevent piling up clothes in every corner of the room, have another hamper there instead of only the one in the laundry. Pick out a stylish one that matches the rest of the décor, so it will not only be practical, but it will have an aesthetic impact as well.

Your closet could probably use some organising as well. It’s convenient to hang similar items together, like skirts in one place, trousers and sweaters in another. You might also hang clothes by colour or occasion, and putting up hooks to hang scarves, purses and belts is another useful hack to try out.

Tidy up the living room

With high foot traffic through the living room, it’s very likely that a lot of stuff will be left just lying around. Start sorting things out in the place where they accumulate the most and find a way to control the mess. For instance, put a nice, rustic basket for all the throw blankets that tend to be scattered over the sofas, gather all the remote controls in a pretty box, tray or organizer and collect all the candles and board games in a container that can be stored on a shelf or under the coffee table.

Sort out your kitchen

As one of the most used rooms in the house, your kitchen can accumulate odds and sods everywhere and become a true nightmare when you need to find something quickly.Even with the most modern Thermador appliances and the latest trendy décor, your kitchen will be practically unusable if there is no order.Begin by purging your pantry and tossing out anything that’s stale and past its prime. The same goes for your fridge, especially meat and dairy produce, and leftovers.

Kitchen cupboards are often bursting with mugs, cups and storage containers. Clear out the ones you haven’t used in the last 6 months and donate them. Find the lids of all containers and stack them by size to be as space efficient as possible. Any container or lid missing its pair can go straight into the donation pile.

One thing that has the most tendency to pile up quickly and create mayhem in the kitchen is a dirty dishes pile in the sink. The best way to avoid this is turn on your dishwasher every night without exception, after the last cup has been used. This means that also without exception you have to unload the dishwasher, which can be easily done in 3 minutes while you make your morning coffee.

Clear out the bathroom mess

Mornings are usually quite hectic when everyone is rushing to get ready, so anything that can streamline the process is more than welcome. Having a neat and organized bathroom will not only speed things up, but it will also make cleaning much easier.

Start by de-cluttering and getting rid of cosmetics and toiletries that are no longer in use or are well past their expiration date. Use a tray or any repurposed jars, cans or desk organizers to corral all the products you need and use on daily basis, such as cotton swabs, combs, brushes and make-up.

Categorize your medicines in small plastic bins and keep them inside your cabinet and use the cabinet doors as well to store your tooth paste and brushes in neat organizers that stick to the doors. They’ll be out of sight but still easily accessible.

Organize your desk

Whether you have a home office or just your work station in the family room, desks tend to transform into unsightly piles of papers, supplies and cords. It’s surprisingly simple to get everything in order in just a few minutes. You only need a couple of hooks for the cords, cups for pencils and a few binders for storing important papers and documentation.

With a little bit of clever organizing done every day using the tips listed here, you’ll discover that your house stays cleaner and clutter-free over time leaving you ample time to spend with your family doing what you really love!

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