Physical Prep: A 5-Step Guide to Training for a Long, Strenuous Hike

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It might not be Machu Picchu, but if you’ve got a difficult hike ahead of you then you’ll need to start preparing now!

Training for hiking is no joke, but it’s no mystery either. Here’s my guide on how to prep for the hike of your life.

1. The Obvious: Physical Conditioning

Many have learned the hard way that without physical training and preparation, hiking your dream mountain is almost impossible.

Hiking isn’t quite like any other gym exercise, but these types will help your body become accustomed to the type of exertion you’ll meet on the mountain:

  • Running (long term aerobic exercise)
  • Rock Climbing (core and limb strength)
  • Stair Climbing (uphill step simulator)
  • Lifting (core and limb strength)
  • Swimming (limited oxygen, aerobic exercise)

All of these exercises can happen in a gym and some from home. The length and duration of these exercises should start at your current level and then gradually increase to suit the length of your hike.

Adding leg and arm weights during any of these exercises can help simulate the weight of your pack.

2. Food, Supplements, and Enhancers

Your intake is just as important as the physical exercise to train for your hike.

Make sure you’re eating a high protein diet and consuming lots of vegetables. This type of food promotes the growth and strength of muscles and heart and other organ health.

Summiting high peaks can involve performing in conditions your body simply isn’t designed to handle. Consider using an enhancer like a legal Dianabol alternative enhance your natural muscle capabilities.

3. Camping

Most complicated summits involve overnight camping. If your dream hike requires an overnight stay, make sure to obtain the proper equipment is as light a weight as possible.

You’ll have to haul your equipment at least half the way if not all.

Prior to your hike, practice setting up, sleeping in, and taking down all equipment. It’s even a good idea to take a local hike with your full pack.

4. Temperatures

If your hike involves extreme temperatures of any kind, make sure to condition and prepare for those as well.

Buy the appropriate clothing for hiking in the specific temperature. And, if possible, work out in similar temperatures.

5. Training for Hiking Requires Mental Grit

If you’re like any of the 44 million Americans who hiked in 2017, you know that there will be many times when you’re body aches, when you’re in pain, when you’re tired, etc. And one of the most important things to do when training for hiking is strengthening your will power.

There will be so many opportunities to quit or do less than you planned, but practice doing hard things.

Eventually, when you’re 3/4 of the way up your mountain, you’re body will hurt, your mind will be tired, but you won’t stop. Because you prepared for this.

You’ll reach the top, and euphoria will set in. You did it. You did the impossible.

Now What?

Stop dreaming and make your goals a reality. You can start training for hiking today with any of these steps.

Pick one and you’re one day closer to achieving your goals and living the life you always wanted!

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