Photo Journal: Smiling Faces of Thailand

They say a picture paints a thousand words and Aiste has put together a collection of beautiful smiles from her time in Thailand. Which one is your favourite?

“Tonsay Bay in Thailand is one of those places where you understand what “a land of a thousand smiles” actually means. People are happy, relaxed and say “hello” to you twenty times a day. Sun, sea and reggae is everything you need to be happy here and even though every day is “same same” but it’s always a bit different. In these photographs I tried to show the beauty of Tonsai people and I hope you’ll see it as well.”

Check out more photos from Aiste at Tea Shot, a massive thank you to her for the guest post!

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  1. Leo Reply

    WOW great photos!!! I love that you took them in black and white. It underlines the simple beauty of a smile.
    The very impressed Leo 🙂

  2. Monica Reply

    Love these pics. Anything in black and white always looks so arty and creative.

  3. Christine Reply

    Gorgeous! And I’m pretty sure I recognize one of those guys as a climbing instructor 🙂

  4. Alison Reply

    Fab pics, I like them all but my favourite is the one of the four women laughing away.

  5. Reply

    Wow these photos are incredible! They make me miss Thailand so much, especially seeing as it’s freezing cold here in London (even though it’s Spring).