Orangutan Spotting in Borneo

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I travelled to Borneo for one reason and for one reason only; to see some Orangutans! Here are some fascinating Orangutan facts –

. Orangutans are only native to Indonesia and Malaysia and are found only in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.

. Dominant adult Orangutans have distinctive cheek pads and produce long calls that attract females and intimidate rivals.

. Orangutans are often solitary and their nickname is “person of the jungle.”

. Threats to wild Orangutan populations include poaching, habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade.

. Baby Orangutans are insanely, pull-off-your-head-and-throw-it-in-the-sky kind of cute.

If you’re heading to Kuching at any time, get the number 6 bus to Semenggoh and go and see some live animals in their own habitat. None of that zoo crap. It only costs £2 and the feeding is between 8am-12pm. Right at the end, a mother carried a baby on her back right past us – I feel so honoured to have experienced this.

I don’t know if he was saying it for dramatic effect, but the guide turned to me during this and said “remember you seen this, because they could become extinct soon.” Uuuuuugh 🙁

Let the pictures and videos do the talking:


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  1. Chris Reply

    Jealous, mate! The only wildlife I see around here are my friends and I when we consume a few too many shandies.

    I’ve never actually had a shandy, mind.

    And is the ‘pull off your head and throw it into the sky’ line a reference to Labyrinth?

  2. Andi Reply

    Loved these pics! You’re right, the baby is ridiculously cute!!

  3. JoJo Reply

    Insanely cute….. They are amazing animals 🙂 x

    1. Anthony Reply

      Them Anthony Middleton’s? Yeah – lovely, unique creatures! x