New Challenge: Travel Burma Old School With No Internet or Digital Help Of Any Kind

With the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man – “when I was a young lad…”

….We didn’t have Mr Google at our disposal when we wanted to know something, or complete our homework. We honed in on our innate desire to want to learn more, to know more, to strive and to grow. After all, that’s how we got here. If our ancestor’s didn’t learn through trial and error, you wouldn’t be sitting here right now with the privilege of whining.

By the end of the school summer holidays I would have a tan that would make most girls in a New Jersey nightclub green with envy. I’d literally be outside every second, getting up to mischief, playing football, looking for adventure and using creativity through imagination to get that. My little brother’s summer school holiday’s are not the same. You’re lucky to get him outside and off the Nintendo Wii – this saddens me. I fear that our future generations will become more stupid, but I’d like to be wrong.

I feel they will be less hungry than the generations before and that they are being smothered.


Hold on a minute. Don’t you make money via the internet, you ask? Doesn’t it pay for you to travel the world?

Indeed I do and indeed I have. As an invention and business perspective – the internet amazes me and yes, I make my bread and butter online and it’s my personal opinion that the scope to earn online is absolutely colossal. There’s no ceiling in this game and I’m extremely indebted to the world wide web. However…

…I kind of feel that it takes away one of our greatest and most under rated gifts: our imagination! Because of the incredible digital inventions at our disposal, there’s an awful lot of noise and I feel that we (myself included) find it a little harder to tap into our creative minds, as everything is on a plate for us.

*Checks ‘football gossip’ on BBC Football and totally contradicts everything he’s just said*

So what’s the point?

I’m flying to Burma tomorrow, and I’m going old school!

For my 28 day in Burma I am going to completely unplug myself from the digital world. Ironically, the internet is supposed to be awful there anyway, but if you were to get stuck – you’d sit through the painful dial-up, right? Surely, you’d take a Lonely Planet to one of the least visited countries in South East Asia?

The only Burma book I’ll be reading on my Kindle is ‘The River of Lost Footsteps.’ The inspiration for this challenge came from this post over at ‘too many adapters’ and I think this will be a great test of my travelling skills (and patience).

I’m looking forward to checking out Burma through the eyes of my fellow countrymen, Rudyard Kipling and George Orwell. Burma is on my “places to see before you kick the bucket” list and I want to make sure I breathe in every minute if it. Maybe I’ll pick up one of my old hobbies and write my own poem.

“This is Burma,  and it will be quite unlike any land you know about.”

Rudyard Kipling

So the challenge is: To not use any digital device (other than my fictional book) whilst travelling around the challenging (yet devastatingly endearing) country of Burma/Myanmar…

When I return I hope to click online to find out that Cristiano Ronaldo has signed for Newcastle United, and that world peace has been found.

I’ve had it WAY too easy in Thailand and Malaysia. Abundance of cheap and delicious street food. Taxis/tuk-tuks whenever I want with an English-speaking expat community. I want a bit of chaos in my life! And I’ve got the feeling that as of Sunday, I’m going to get some….

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  1. hayadeen Reply

    so your next post will come on the next 30 days?? Hm..not sure if I can wait that long..hehe :p

    You have all my support for this challenge Anth..
    take care..

    1. Anthony Reply

      It means that indeed, Hayadeen!

      Please don’t cry, I’ll be back soon hehe. Thank yoooou, take care 🙂

  2. Hogga Reply

    P.P.P.P.S If porn starts randomly showing up on my site, it’s Hogga.

    All my best travel memories are of times I was without the internet. TrueFuckingStory.
    Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (which pretty much means do EVERYTHING even when it sounds like a bad idea). Write as much as you can and come back to us alive.

    1. Anthony Reply

      P.P.P.P.P.S FILTH!

      Thank youuuu darling 🙂 You’re the bestest for helping me out.

  3. Christine Reply

    Freaking love this. Did we not discuss my life dream of traveling somewhere “like our parents would have” aka with a camera and that’s it? Well done, sir.

  4. Callie Reply

    This is a great challenge…I look forward to hearing about your 30 days of non-digital, old-school chaos!

  5. Erica Reply

    sounds like fun! looking forward to hearing all about it!
    …only by the time you get back, I’ll be on a boat with approx no internet for 3 months. That’s such a long time to go without Man. vs Clock!

  6. Daniel McBane Reply

    I spent some time flipping through a lonely planet I found in one of the hotels and it didn’t seem very useful anyway. It might have been an older one though. I’m not sure.

    I would suggest reading up on the money changing situation before you go. If not, you could be in for a nasty surprise once you get there, unless things have changed since I was there last year.

  7. Ayngelina Reply

    Oh wow I do envy you, I find it difficult just to take weekends off.

  8. Milt Reply

    Respect brother !
    Some people would say your brave (or daft) doing it this way but it’s not like no one ever traveled before google or even guidebooks existed.
    Luv it, go with the flow, get lost, let the adventures come to you.

  9. kerolizwan Reply

    And i got to come across your blog today sadly you’ll be in a challenge of muting and so i’ll take more time to wait for a new entry. but hey anyway, a great challenge indeed. good thought!

    i’m enjoying every bits of your writing. definitely looking forward to read your imagination cum experience in the next entry, hopefully soon. you were conveying everything in words remarkably so good!

    malaysian here. missing Kl ey? take care.

  10. Amber Reply

    Interesting challenge. I was in Myanmar earlier this year, and although internet is slowly starting to creep in, with the operative word being slowly, it was still a challenge to find places, info on transport, etc. But, if you want to really go old school no internet access anywhere – head to Cuba! That was a blackout. A few hotels had 2 or 3 PCs with broadband access at crazy high rates, but there is no such thing as wifi or smartphones anywhere in the country!

    1. Anthony Reply


      Really? Cuba is a pain for net? I want to go there SO MUCH! Did it live up to its expectations?