New Challenge: Man Vs World’s Highest Bungee Jump

Macau night

Hello. Just a short one for today. It’s my big 30 on Friday. I wanted to write a deep and meaningful post about how I’m the happiest I have ever been, how I know myself so much more now, what I want from life and all sorts of predictable positive mantra that will make you vomit this morning’s cornflakes.

Which would be kinda true. But I’ll spare you the agony.

So, as the title suggests – to celebrate, I’m going to launch myself off Macau Tower with a harness and elastic rope around my legs. This is the world’s highest bungee jump, towering at 233 metres. I don’t know if they do videos for proof there, but I sure hope so if I’m going to do something so crazy. Can’t wait!

It’s never too late to upgrade your life, chaps and chapesses. Start now. It’s the best time to start.

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  1. Michael Reply

    Two words “You crazy!”

    1. Anthony Middleton Reply

      this has been said before 😉

  2. Franca Reply

    It’s Friday so Happy Birthday! You are totally crazy and super brave!!!!
    Enjoy the jump, looking forward to see and read more about it!

  3. eyeandpen Reply

    WOW! Congrats on your death defying feat! That is crazy high!

    1. Anthony Middleton Reply

      Thanks! can’t wait to get it published soon 🙂

  4. edu Reply

    This is absolutely crazy, have to admit