New Challenge: Book A One Way Ticket Out Of England In A Week!

Contrary to popular belief, the premise behind ‘Man Versus Clock’ has nothing to do with a countdown. Nay! That clock that you see on the right hand side represents a clock that I have to actually beat! On November the 20th, 2010 – a clueless Anthony started the clock (the one on the top) and affirmed ‘Operation Getaway.’ The aim being to quit my job, book a one-way ticket out of England and start a wonderful adventure of world travel.

I’m still clueless.

Which is odd, because I am usually quite the assertive man. If there’s a group decision to be made, I’ll make it and I’ll stick with it. Whenever I’m dating and the woman does the whole “awww, I don’t know what to do tonight, what can we do/where shall we go?” I know the answer before she finishes the sentence.

Decisions – not a problem for me.

But this whole choosing which country to go to first – it’s getting the better of me. I have spent many late night hours on Sky Scanner lately, punching in loads of different destinations and hovering over the ‘purchase’ button. I don’t know what it is that’s holding me back – I definitely want it. I want it BAD.

I want to wake up in a country where the sun kisses my face every morning.

I want to train hard with Muay Thai athletes and eat Thai food while my aching body recovers.

I want to sip wine in Rome and just blend into the background, where my existence is barely noticed, or even important.

I want to witness the most disgusting and depressing places imaginable in the world, so that I can witness life’s pain as well as the beauty.

I want to stop existing and start living.

On a more positive note – one out of three ain’t bad considering I have already handed in my notice. It’s a pretty big step and it feels amazing! This job has seriously affected my health, fitness and social life and made me a cranky *rude word.* Now it’s time to get a little more serious and take the next step.

One week.

In one week from this being published I will have booked a one-way ticket out of England into uncertainty and adventure. This is published on a Thursday and next Thursday I will publish a post confirming where I am starting my journey of awesomeness. Clue: It’s not Scotland.

God, I SPOIL you lot!

In all honesty, I don’t know yet – because I will be drawing the names of the country out of a hat! (With the use of Kinder eggs containers). The last name I draw is the place I will buy a ticket for. 🙂

How is this stepping out of the comfort zone?

I’m a romantic at heart, but the theory of ‘fate’ and ‘everything happens for a reason’ – well, it just doesn’t sit well with me. Generally it’s about getting of your bum, making choices and sticking with them. If said choices don’t work, we must accept responsibility and dust ourselves down.

Me drawing names out of a hat is kind of risky, but then again – all of this is a risk! Although I’m scared and a bit anxious, I feel I’m psychologically strong enough to do this right now. Everything’s coming nicely together; a Google boost on my blog, income-generating ideas in my head that I actually believe will work, and a self-belief that I have worked very hard on over the years (I used to have zero confidence) have all timed their arrival pretty well.

Bring on the world, I’m ready for it! You will get to see in real time, the draw being made! It won’t be live or anything, but I will post it straight away and you can see my excited little face on video when I find out where I’m going – if that’s your cup of tea!

So let’s recap; Thursday 28th July at 9 am – I will publish the post, with the video of me finding out where I’m going! Voila!

Okay one more clue….it’s not Wales either.

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  1. Carl Reply

    Well done Anthony, I hope it all works out for you. Some thing I will always wish I did.
    Good Luck! from a worn out 47 year old

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Carl,
      Thanks man! And I bet there’s a wise man behind them 47 years 😉

  2. Dean McKenna Reply

    “I don’t know what it is that’s holding me back – I definitely want it. I want it BAD.”

    Ha ha! You’re used to your “decisive” self and he’s letting you down. I was the opposite. Mulling over small, insignificant decisions. But when it came to leaving the country, I just did it without much thought. It’s easy. You just leave and end up somewhere else. A place where your “reality” has changed and you can’t fall back on your image and self-image.

    Perhaps you are attached to that part of yourself that you mention in your post. In a new environment you will not have situational confidence, will you… You’ll be trying to balance, to ride the wave without getting soaked.

    If you want to be conservative, you can go to Eire. Or Iceland. Or Norway. Or some other civilized country. Or, you can take the plunge and go somewhere where bad things can happen as well as good. It “happened” to me. Both good and bad.

    See, I’ve done 2 of your challenges already. Zero refined and simple carbos for three years and leaving the country with only 1200 EUR on me and staying away for over 7 years.

    I wanted and LIVED the tango. But Buenos Aires has a lot of muggings, too. My experience is that telling a woman what to do is nothing. It’s a joke. Making a decision to leave yourself completely vulnerable is a completely different thing. It involves dropping your ego.

    I say, you want it? Do it.

    By the way, I prefer the “man in the mask” to the “England prevails” drivel of his enemy.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Dean,
      Hmmm, interesting yet alarming theory you’ve got there. So maybe this self-assured state and decisive person may only be like this around his natural comforts? That I’m well and truly in my comfort-zone, or a big fish in a little pond? I’d say…

      …you could be absolutely right! Time will tell I guess, mate. I can only say “watch this space.” 🙂 Eire (which is awesome), Iceland and Norway are pretty expensive and I’d quite like to go somewhere a bit more random. It wouldn’t put me off going to Buenos Aires because of the muggings, I’m going to London in a few months and I’d take a bet that it’s just as bad down there.

      Maybe I’m having a dumb day, but I didn’t understand; By the way, I prefer the “man in the mask” to the “England prevails” drivel of his enemy. V for Vendetta??

      That’s crazy that you were the opposite, then just upped and left! Where did you go in these 7 years? I’ve only read the diet part of your site so far, excellent stop. On that note – how much fish should an individual have in one week, because of the high mercury thing? Cheers!

      1. Dean McKenna Reply

        I was referring to the pic of V in your other post. Sort of a joke, but true as well.

        Lets see, even if you go to a 2nd world country, like spain, you could have problems. My Swedish friend got mugged in andalucia (or, andalustan, as I call it). The cops laughed in his face. Then they kicked us out of a supermarket for no reason – they think foreigners are the problem with their country. The cops? They said it their right to kick us out, we’re foreigners. Same thing happened to an English woman with her 12 year old son. The supermarket guy accused them of eating the fruits (not true) and the cops supported them WITHOUT looking at the video. The local is always right. Perhaps they should start PRODUCING something rather than blaming the immigrants for all their problems. Meanwhile, spain is semi-3rd world and their salaries are laughable.

        Then I was in cyprus. There cops there actually DO the muggings when they’re not working and if you go to the courts, they plant cocaine in your house and put you in the slammer for 30 years. One English guy I know is in jail in cyprus for cocaine he never touched. If you leave your cypriot girlfriend, you will be surrounded by a gang of her extensive family members and threatened with death. This from several sources who had bad experiences. In the bar area, an English bloke can get beaten by locals and the cops will stare and laugh. Saw it all in the British press.

        Other people I know went to Thailand and ended up in the slammer for smoking weed. And so on… Thai jails are not nice, they said.

        In spain, lawyers will take your money and help your enemy. You can’t imagine how many British horror stories I could list from just spain and cyprus.

        It’s one thing to live in your home country and another to be in some foreign place that’s not civilized.

        I didn’t mean that I never made decisions, I meant that I thought everything out extensively first before doing anything. Then I said, to hell with it! And went with a more spontaneous strategy.

        I’ve also lived in Germany and Austria. They are civilized, though.

        Anyways, that’s enough of a rant. I could tell you a LOT of stories from my English and Scottish friends that would shock you.

        So – what I meant is that I can sit in Canada, be decisive, take control of my own life, lead women where I want them to go, etc… But in foreign 2nd or 3rd world countries you lose your “reality” and have to find your footing anew.

        Fish. It depends where it’s caught. I buy from the southern hemisphere. Get grass-fed beef and lamb. Don’t eat farmed fish. Avoid the med and N Atlantic fish. Fish oil is good too. I have a New Zealand fish oil on my site that I usually order.

        1. Anthony Reply

          Hey Dean,
          You can rant all you want as long as you don’t mind mine 😉 I’ve been to Spain – had no problems. I also lived in Germany for 6 months (3 in Hannover and 3 in Hamburg). Loved every minute of it, however the least ‘civalised’ nations I met – where those of my own! The way the English acted over there made me cringe so badly! I’m going to Austria in a month – I’ll give you my opinion on the place then 🙂

          I’m sorry you’ve had some shitty situations like that, I’m well aware that the crap can happen to me too when I’m away but I refuse to pigeon-hole. Yes of course there are generalisations and there is good and bad everywhere, but none of the above has put me off going to a 3rd world country. I’ve met some of the most vulgar human beings in Durham and had run ins with them regularly and the police couldn’t give a shit here because they were scared.

          Nowhere is perfect. Plus, the weather is terrible here and that’s the main reason I’m leaving! I could tell your English and Scottish friends stories that would shock them too! The British can create their own horror stories, trust me.

          1. Dean McKenna

            Spain. It depends where you live. I lived in Galicia and the people are great there. Same goes for Asturias. The south is completely different. They treat the Morrocans very badly and call them “moros” but when you look at the mtDNA and y chromosome studies, andalustanis are the same race! I don’t respect that. When I told them that they actually had the same genes, they didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t know racism until I moved there, and I’m not touchy on racial issues, neither am I “politically correct.”

            Agreed that the English can get pretty rowdy abroad. I’ve seen them in Greece doing disgusting things on the streets.

            When I say “civilized” I mean it in a certain way. Austria, I’ve been there many times. They’re not the most polite people around or anything, but the country is professional. There, you will not be ripped off by 90% of the lawyers just because you’re not a local. They don’t do that stuff in civilized societies. In Spain they do and they will, if you stay long enough. That’s to make my point clear. I doubt the Austrian cops are going to ignore a rape because their friend did it. Because they are civilized.

            Generalizations are real and accurate sometimes. I didn’t say that we should extend them to apply to everyone in a society, of course. That would be pretty dumb.

            Also, it depends how long you stay somewhere. Live in Malaga for 2 years and you’ll see how the negatives pile up. The local is always right there. In Cyprus a Finnish girl I know was raped by a local and the cops let him go. The local is always right. The police in Malaga never come when a foreigner calls. One Argentinian I know was told to call back if there was a lot of blood on the streets, otherwise leave them alone.

            So… Personally I never re-visit countries where the “authorities” actually condone this kind of vulgar behaviour. Because it has to be built in to the peoples’ psyche, for them to accept it. That crap never happened in Germany, and my family has a loooong history of living there on and off. I mean many decades.

            To sum up, I had to get that rant out eventually! I don’t meant to try to disuade you or anything. I don’t visit countries where I know of vulgar behaviours any more on PRINCIPLE. And… My original point was that maybe the reason you were hesitating is the fact that you’ll lose all your crutches, trusted people, etc… Your whole situational confidence. Not that I know it with 100% certainty. I’m not trying to be your shrink! It’s more an NLP-type idea. People hesitate to make big changes where everything will be different and there will be uncertainty. Let’s call it transition anxiety. I say DO it and see what happens!!!


          2. Anthony

            Hey Dean,
            As much as I love a debate – I’ve not been to any of these places so I can’t really disagree, nor relate. That’s awful about the Finnish girl 🙁 I see why something like that would make you feel hostile.

            Situational confidence – I like it! That really makes sense and I’m eager to see how confident I really have became over the years when I go on this journey! I’m weird about England. I bitch about it but I could say a million things that I also love about it. But I just NEED to get out of here! Well 5 days time mate and it’s going to look more real!

            Cheers for your insight Dean, highly appreciated.

  3. Patricia | Monthly Adventure Reply

    Anthony….seriously AWESOME!!!

    I love how you are doing it. I wishI could be there for when you do the big ‘Reveal’. But it gives me something to look forward to when I return!

    I hope it ends up being Cuba. You’ll get to use your Spanish there. But then, of course, I’ll be knocking at your door one day asking for a couch to sleep on! It’s got dance, sun, wine…not to mention some depressing stuff that you are yearning for! It’s got it all! 😀 And it’s affordable. Although…Fabian loves Colombia – and it has all the stuff you want too.

    Well…no matter where you end up, I know you’ll be and do just fine 🙂

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Patricia,

      I hope it looks good on youtube when I do it, everything seems out of sync! Haha mi casa su casa, Patricia! Eeeeeeverywhere seems to have everything I want right now – so many voices in the confused head! I’m just reminding myself that it’s a STARTING country and the others will be seen by myself.

      I’m glad you got the depressing thing, some may not. Thank you 🙂

      1. Patricia | Monthly Adventure Reply

        Anth…I think I saw your sync issues on the last one you did. Did you use your camera video or computer? Hahaha…I am not surprised – the world is your oyster…so how can you possibly even choose one location?? Well you know you’ve got a landing pad wherever I am too. And yes, its about wanting to make a difference in the world. I get that. 🙂 NO MATTER WHAT…you have to video record the entire REVEAL of where you are ending up. That will be your BEST POST EVER!!!!!!!! 😀

        1. Anthony Reply

          I used my webcam – which worked perfectly on my first ramble 🙂 Aaaah, you’re a star, as have you (even though I’m effectively homeless haha). I shall record it all! For sure!

  4. Sarah Reply

    So, are all the countries in the world going in the hat Or just the ones you’d be interested to visit? Good luck for your draw. As I said to a friend of mine having the same uncertainty – it doesn’t really matter where you go, you’re going to have an amazing time either way!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Sarah,
      I’m drawing out 10 bad-boys! Hell yeah, it’s just a platform for me to start 🙂 When are you back? I’m away all of August – would be typical if I missed the meetup!

  5. Dean McKenna Reply

    Thanks. No debate is intended. There are + and – in a lot of places. I met scandinavian people in – spain who changed my life for the better. And not just a little. A LOT. Still, when the corruption is so systemic in a place, I tend to eliminate it in principle? You can’t win, long-term. That’s my decision. I spent a lot of my time with Brits in sp and cy. They’re much easier to relate to. BTW, I recommend Greece as the nicest place in the med that I’ve seen so far. Just avoid Athens. If you have q’s, you can always email me. Slovenia is good too. And nice people. The mail I put on here is real. Good adventuring!

    1. Anthony Reply

      I’ll be sure to email you Dean when I’ve left work, so a little later than anticipated. Especially for your food and exercise knowledge, I need a new game plan. Can’t run for a few months, I have “floating bone” in my knee.

  6. Earl Reply

    Congratulations Anthony! I’m curious as to where you’re going to end up…I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. Either way, you’re about to take that first step and once you do, things get even better!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Cheers Earl!

      Looking forward to unveiling this and don’t think I’ll sleep much tonight!